HARTING Technology Group has been shaping the future for 75 years

For 75 years now, the HARTING Technology Group has been driving technological change. The vision formulated in 1996 by the owner family “We want to shape the future with technologies for people” remains the guiding star of our entrepreneurial activities. September 1 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding day of the family company.

The manufacturer of everyday products such as waffle irons and irons has evolved into a worldwide leading supplier of industrial connection technology for the three lifelines of data, signal and power, a global player fielding innovative products and solutions focusing on Industry 4.0 and digitization.

Wilhelm and Marie Harting opened the “Wilhelm Harting Mechanical Workshops” on September 1, 1945, in a repair workshop covering a good 100 square meters in Minden. From 1950 onwards, the company gradually moved to the neighbouring town Espelkamp. This was the period in which the success story of the Han® connector commenced. The Han® (HARTING standard), patented in 1956 and a registered trademark since 1957, became the standard, the epitome of the industrial connector. Thanks to the Han-Modular® series, customers are able to achieve optimal design solutions for the supply of machines, systems and plants.

In October 2015, Dietmar Harting, son of Marie and Wilhelm Harting, handed over the reins as Chairman of the Board to his son Philip. Today, Philip Harting and his sister Maresa Harting-Hertz work closely with their parents Margrit and Dietmar Harting on the Board. The body includes three managers from outside the family.

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