Hariram Engineering look at east India for growth

 In India, paper plates hold great prominence because of their large scale usage. If you are planning to start paper plate making business then this is absolutely right time to kick start your business. This industry is growing in rapid rate in India and profit margin in the manufacturing of plate is also very high. The return of this business is satisfactory because the raw material that is paper is quite cheap and a kg of paper will create good amount of plates.

Hariram Engineering plans to carve a niche amongst the eastern market with their comprehensive range of products offered and comprised of Paper Plate Machine, Automatic Paper Plate Machine and disposable Plate Making Machine . By Fy 2020-21, Hariram Engineering Will Have Annual Turnover Of Rs. 120 Crore With 45 National And 5 International Branches, Manufacturing And Marketing Paper Disposables Making Machines. And Enabling the Customers To Grow Their Business. The Company has set up their first Distributor setup at Nimta, Near Belghoria of Paper disposable machine .Boul (bati) full automatic machine .

Gautam Chandu,Director ,Hariram Engineering said “by 2020-21, we will have an annual Turnover of Rs. 120 Crore with 45 National and 5 International Branches, Manufacturing and Marketing Paper Disposables Making Machines in India. We have always worked for the satisfaction of our customers’ is committed to deliver fast service PAN India to ensure maximum production for them.”

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