Halcyon Radiation Therapy System for the first time in Eastern India

In a development that brings new hope to cancer patients in Eastern India, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals today announced the launch of the advanced HalcyonTM Radiation Therapy System for optimized image-guided radiotherapy to deliver high quality cancer treatment.. The Halcyon system introduced to Eastern India for the first time uses human-centred design to deliver sophisticated, highly targeted cancer treatments with high precision and accuracy, at a speed that is up to four time faster than standard technology.


Dr. Prathap C Reddy, Chairman, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “The patient is the focus of all our efforts and initiatives to bring advances in medical technology and deliver cutting-edge treatments at par with that in developed countries. In line with this, we are proud to be the first to bring the advanced Halcyon Radiation Therapy system, a welcome tool in our fight against cancer, for the benefit of cancer patients in Eastern India. The increase in the number of cases of cancer is indeed a matter of great concern and it is essential to bring in the best available medical technology to reduce mortality by delivering high quality treatments and providing our oncologists the tools to care for more patients. We dedicate this system to the people of Eastern India with the hope that the Halcyon Radiation Therapy system, which sets a new standard in the delivery of precision radiation therapy, will benefit and help save the lives of many cancer patients in the eastern region” .


The Halcyon Radiation Therapy system’s targeted therapy ensures that damage to healthy tissues surrounding the tumour can be further avoided or minimised, which is of great benefit in cases such as cancer of the head and neck, prostate, lungs etc. The precisely delivered radiation with a tight focus prevents damage to healthy tissues and hence reduce side effects of cancer treatment. The advanced system also ensures completion of treatment in fewer steps as compared to older radiation therapy system through use of intelligent automation that reduce the treatment time and make the treatment more comfortable for the patient.


Ms Preetha Reddy, Vice Chairperson, Apollo Hospitals Group said, “At Apollo Hospitals, we have always been a leader in enhancing cancer treatment in India and have consistently remained a trailblazer in delivering state-of-the-art healthcare to South-East Asia. The Halcyon Radiation Therapy system is designed around the patient with the assurance of an enhanced patient connection, that allows our oncology team to deliver exceptional treatment with increased efficiency in a less intimidating environment that is comfortable and reassuring to the patients.”


Mr Rana Dasgupta, CEO (Eastern Region), Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals said, “The Halcyon Radation Therapy system allows exceptional treatments to be delivered faster with increased efficiency in a less intimidating environment that is comfortable and reassuring to the patients. Patients can get back to their lives with minimal disruption. This is due to   our ability to deliver advanced cost-effective cancer care that is accessible and affordable to all patients.”


The Halcyon system has multiple benefits including automated treatment, comfort for the patient, ease of use for the oncology team, and accelerated installation timeframe with shortening of time from installation to first-treatment without sacrificing quality. The system simplifies and enhances every aspect of the radiation therapy process, with image-guidance and intensity-modulation radiotherapy (IMRT) that improves patient comfort. With a streamlined workflow, the Halcyon system requires just nine steps from the start to the end of treatment compared to up to more than 30 steps with older technologies. The improved workflow increases the efficiency. Standardized workflows are easy to master so clinicians can spend more time with patients.


An integrated intercom enables immediate and clear communication between the therapist and the patient. The quiet system with smooth motion and easy access keeps patients relaxed and focused. The 100 cm. diameter bore with integrated ambient lighting prevents claustrophobia.


The unique and innovative design of the Halcyon system allows clinicians to treat patients quickly and minimize motion, which is extremely important when treating patients with pelvic tumours such as prostate cancer and cervical cancer. The short treatment times could also eliminate the need for breath holds traditionally required during breast, esophageal and lung cancer treatments. 

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