Guess the new BIG FM RJ who’s all set to make Kolkata’s evenings magical!

As one of the most-popular radio networks in the country, BIG FM has always been a step ahead in entertaining listeners with engaging content headlined by RJs who are known for their distinct style. Popular jockeys such as RJ Khurafati Nitin from Delhi, RJ Vrajesh from Mumbai, RJ Rockstar Rohit from Bengaluru, have been standout names in this regard as listeners simply cannot get enough of them.


The radio network soon will be taking the entertainment quotient a notch higher as a brand new voice is expected to join BIG FM’s Kolkata station. Piquing listener’s interest, BIG RJs in Kolkata have been asking for something new and magical to make the evenings more pleasant and exciting in the City of Joy. They have been hinting that a magical personality is soon going to join BIG FM Kolkata with a new evening show.


A Master of all trades, this person happens to be an actor, dancer, painter, social activist and an author. Known in the circle as ‘magic barir meye’ , the new RJ will help identify magic in everyday moments.


Can you guess who this new RJ is? Stay tuned to BIG FM to find out!

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