Griffins International School organized a unique Talk Show contest – “I Am the Best”

Griffins International School, Kharagpur, one of the premier Schools of West Bengal, recently organized a unique “Talk Show” contest for the nursery and kindergarten students. The title of the Talk Show was “I am the best”. The main objective behind this special contest for kindergarten students was to develop confidence and life skills from a very early age.

At Griffins International Schools holistic progress of children is of prime importance. It has created a conducive atmosphere for academic learning as well as various life skills like developing confidence, effective communication, critical thinking and so on. This Talk Show contest is one of the many initiatives taken by the school to keep the students motivated and inspired.  


All participating children performed with much enthusiasm and passion. Some of them were outstanding and they are Dhruba Acharya, Sristi Mishra, Adwik Laha, Anik Rana, Aniket Pal, Debanshu Ray, Dhrubajyoti Das, Jinia Dey, Ornit Saha, Puspendu Giri, Sampriti Sen, Samriddhi Rana, Sanchay Das, Shalmoli Chakraborty, Siddhart Seal, Sk. Ahad Ali, Srijan Das, Swarnendu Bera, Arohi Dash, Srijit Das, Aniket Manna from grades Nursery, LKG and UKG.     


Mrs. Sarbari Brahma, Principal, Griffins International School, commented, “We believe in developing life skills and confidence from childhood. We always try to create a variety of lesson plans and take initiatives to teach small students to recognize positive qualities and behaviours in themselves and others. This Talk Show contest is one of such initiatives where they talked about themselves. Our efforts get rewarded when we see these little children taking part in it and speaking with enthusiasm and confidence.”   


Mr. Abishek Yadav, Chairman, Griffins International School, said, “The way you speak about yourself matters the most. I Am the Best contest utilized the positive affirmation procedure to make children feel good about themselves.   Children develop confidence from competition and when they are aware about their positive traits it develops self-esteem. We want our children to be equipped with life skills and are happy to conduct many such events.”  

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