Griffins International School Commemorates Satyajit Ray Birth Centenary

Griffins International School, Kharagpur celebrated the birth centenary of Satyajit Ray, the legendary filmmaker, writer, composer, lyricist, and illustrator in a unique way. 

The students of Griffins International School recreated some of the legendary characters like ‘Feluda’, ‘Professor Shonku’, ‘Gupi Gayen’, ‘Bagha Bayen’, ‘Apu and Durga’ to commemorate the 100th Birth anniversary of the creative genius Satyajit Ray. A short video was made with all the performances.  

During this pandemic, children are confined to their homes but they enthusiastically participated in online rehearsal and enjoyed the creative journey on the digital platform.

Mrs. Sarbari Brahma, Principal, Griffins International School, said, “The legendary Satyajit Ray has written several books for children and made many films which are both entertaining and principled. We always inspire our students to know this towering personality through his creations. Our children paid their tribute to the legend by recreating the famous characters.”  

The little Gupi Gayen (Samparka Manna of class V) and the little Bagha Bayen (Ayan Das of class six) were visibly delighted and they said, “We are missing our school very much. But celebrating the birth anniversary of Satyajit Ray was a great excitement for all of us. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing the roles of Gupi Gayen and Bagha Bayen.”   

Mr. Abishek Yadav, Chairman, Griffins International School, commented, “This pandemic has posed many challenges in front of us. But we could not let go the occasion of birth centenary of Satyajit Ray. We are happy that technology has helped us overcome many obstacles and our students commemorated the birth anniversary of the legend on digital platform and made us proud.”

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