Graduation Congregational Ceremony

The J D Birla Institute celebrated its Graduation Congregational Ceremony for the students graduating in the years 2020 and 2021 at Kala Mandir Auditorium on 1st of April 2022. Indeed, while the pandemic had imposed serious restrictions on any human gathering for the past two years, JDBI Institute took every caution to ensure the safety of their students and withheld all events. After a period of two years, as normalcy restored, a joint Ceremonial event was organized for the new graduates and post graduates of the two consecutive years under the demand of the students.

As an Institution of higher learning affiliated to the prestigious Jadavpur University, J D Birla Institute is committed to thoughtful and serious education for young minds in the fields of Food Science & Nutrition Management; Textile Science, Clothing & Fashion Studies; Interior Designing; Human Development; Commerce and Management.

The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Deepak Vohra, former ambassador and the special advisor to the Prime Minister, Lesotho, South Sudan and Guniea – Bissau. Gold medals, awards and certificates were given to the students. Around 750 new graduates and post graduates attended the event maintaining all relevant COVID protocols. As J.K. Rowling said at the Convocation at Harvard University in 2008, “We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: We have the power to imagine better,”-the commencement ceremony will herald a new chapter in the lives of the graduate students.

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