“State Government should strengthen labour laws, not exploit labourers”

Youth activist Rohit Kumar Pathak alias RK Pathak of Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh (BMS) was newly appointed as’Organising secretary for  North 24 Parganas district .

He said ” State government should strengthen labour laws, not weaken them.State government should stop the exploitation of the labourer. They should pledge to nourish and protect them. It is better not to insist on doing politics on them, attention should be paid to improving the labor policy in the interest of the workers.”

The BMS  said migrant workers’ problems have aggravated during the novel coronavirus-triggered lockdown mainly because there is “gross violation” of laws by most of the states.

He added ” All the workers in West Bengal who have been persecuted and exploited by the capitalists.These laborers & workers who have wandered towards such an organization in search of the right guidance, are being politicized and their rights and demands are violated. Also, some laborers have joined the trade union of political party, which has no existence and no history. Whether such trade unions will be between Bengal and us in the coming time or not is doubtful. Mazdoor brothers with any such trade union should not waste their time, support and dedication. I call upon such laborers and brothers. BMS always stands with national interest, labor interest and is an independent organization. I want to tell you that our organization does not belong to any political party, it always works  freely for the benefit of Majdoor. So, let’s join the Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh. Now the time has come for the honor, pride and wages that Mazdoor and laborers received should raise their voice against injustice by becoming a fighting soldier of ‘Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh’, inspired by nationalism. ‘INDUSTRIALISE THE NATION, NATIONALISE THE LABOR, LABOURISE THE INDUSTRY'”

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