“gintaa”- India’s first complete patented e-Commerce plus launched

gintaa- a brand of Ascon Softech India Pvt Ltd, a start-up aiming big on the online retailing sector set to change the dynamics of e-Commerce business was launched on 1st October 2021 at Bengaluru. The new Kolkata headquartered start-up is all set to change the dynamics of the e Commerce business.

At the launch Chairman & MD Laxman Jaiswal said, “gintaa is based on the pristine Indian value of GIVE & TAKE, gintaa, the social e Commerce platform with B2B, B2C, C2B, C2Cselling, buying, auction, and exchange shall cover almost every conceivable aspect of e-Commerce and beyond.”

gintaa is aimed at cashing in on the growing e Commerce business in India with a steady growth of 50-60% over the years.

According to the Director  & CEO Soham Jaiswal, “gintaa shall offer an in-built mechanism which shall have a unique rating system for its sellers, service providers, buyers as well as end users, thereby negating any possibility of fraudulent usage of the platform. gintaa is backed by a retinue of features such as a logistics partner in India Post thereby ensuring reach to the farthest corners of the land, insured deliveries thereby providing a guarantee of safety for its users, constant system upgradation to minimise possibilities of technical glitches, and a dedicated team providing a complete 24×7 SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis thereby giving it a platinum edge.” He emphasised on the JOIN ACT GROW philosophy of the company.


gintaa shall provide solutions for

·         Business to Business (B2B) transactions: This includes the selling, buying or barter of excess inventory to liquidate stocks, and the selling, buying or barter of services.

·         Business to Consumer (B2C) transactions: This includes retail sales from businesses.

·         Consumer to Business (C2B) transactions: This includes individual sales to businesses.

·         Consumer to Consumer (C2C) transactions: This includes individual sales, auctions, and barters.

gintaa makes a difference

  • gintaa Auction – A special space for collectors and antiquarians by getting maximum value for their valuable product through bidding on gintaa Auction.
  • gintaa Junction – Meeting a stranger can make one hold back sometimes; gintaa Junction will help the buyers and sellers to fix a meeting point where it will be convenient for both the parties to discuss the products and maximize safety.
  • gintaa Exchange – It helps connecting with someone who wants exactly what one is ready to give, and has exactly what one wants in return.
  • gintaa Authentication – Too many passwords can also make one feel dizzy; here we are redefining the concept of password with OTP (One-Time-Password).
  • gintaa Commission – It comes with the intent of solving people’s problems and contributes towards growth. We charge ZERO commission on all transactions.
  • gintaa Barter – Why bother with money if one also has a skill or product to give in return? We bring back the old times by allowing people to exchange products or services with product and and services, not in any order. Because there is always someone who needs what another does not.
  • gintaa Ads – It provides the best reach for one’s product or service given their advertisement spends.

Four easy and secure ways to use gintaa:

·         1. Create and post your listing offering your products or services to anyone.

·         2. Get the best matches with gintaa’s unique and advanced algorithm.

·         3. Find exciting offers from other users and make your offer.

·         4. Communicate directly with the other user, accept and close transaction successfully

gintaa shall truly be a revolution in eCommerce and will change the way of selling goods and services online at

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