“Get Balance” is designed to value the moment, which is the only true time

Dr. Dame Munni Irone is an author of beauty textbooks, the philanthropist queen of Beverly Hills. This title one has to earn it by serving, she is the queen of people’s hearts. Dame Munni is a human rights activist, corporate trainer,  a complimentary celebrity coach for 40 years, the most active global peace leader in the world, and she works 14 to 18 hours a day without stress. She is about living and sharing her lifestyle with thousands of people around the world including youth.  She is the founder of  and in Beverly Hills.
Her book “Get Balance” is designed to value the moment, which is the only true time.

The book is based on spiritual, mental, professional, and physical balance. She is also an expert in skin, hair, nail care, and shared food recipes. She keeps her body fit, she is the same size for years. Dame Munni Irone has never had a weight issue or taken antibiotics because her lifestyle allows her to be free from pain and suffering. She advocates alternative medicine and preventive medicine.

Get Balance is the source of sharing her wisdom and experience throughout the world.
Her book Get Balance truly justifies its name, with the present moment of bringing change and balance in spiritual, personal, and professional life. The book is a summary of Dr. Dame Munni Irone’s teaching tools to cope with life’s issues by awakening the spiritual values of an individual.

Many problem-solving techniques and health remedies have been incorporated into the book. The book is about how she lives in two luxury homes with the elites with no attachments with things and objects. She understands humans and the truth about life.

Qigong and meditation are core to her existence. She differentiated between real meditation and rituals. She died four minutes after her severe accident and how did she heal herself without any medical doctor! How she made a medical decision for her sister in a coma. How she built a beautiful custom villa and made structural decisions. How did she handle the death of her husband?

Once you start reading,  you will enjoy the layout and stories she shares with her wisdom.  The book is colored and easy to read in simple English. There has to be a balance between this planet and spirituality. You can create a life of contentment and freedom from pain.
She won 75+ awards and 35 medallions in the beauty industry. Her students won the hair Olympics four times. She wrote nine books in the beauty industry. Get Balance is the book that she wrote and it is part of her preparation for transition to leave her legacy. Her wealth is enjoyed by thousands of people around the world. She believes in sharing everything she has.
“Get Balance” will be a best seller and we are requesting all of you to download it to support a woman with honor and integrity.  She has orphans in Ghana, India, and Mexico plus her globe is also sponsored by her. It will be ready on Amazon in the first week of February the 5th and 6th of 2022.
Dame Munni Irone has learned to live in a state of meditation. She found her purpose and put her life puzzle together. She hopes to influence millions of people to learn the truth about the moment. According to Dame Munni, “Peace starts from me!”

She should be depressed, angry, and mad.  However, she consciously chooses her life, her family, her faith and gets herself free from good habits. She is in charge of herself.


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