G20 Delegates Embark on a Mystical Journey to Pluck the Rarest Tea Leaves at Makaibari

G20 delegates are in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience as they participate in the spiritual Moonlight tea plucking event at Makaibari, one of the world’s oldest and finest tea estates. Set to welcome delegates from 23 countries on April 1, 2023, Luxmi Tea Group, the owner of Makaibari, is determined to create an unforgettable encounter for international guests. With biodynamic farming practices and two-thirds of the property turned into a subtropical forest, Makaibari is not only a prime producer of aromatic brews but also a haven for diverse wildlife, including Bengal tigers and over 300 bird species. 

The G20 delegates will have the chance to taste numerous tea blends, breathe in the aroma of freshly cut tea leaves, and witness the exhilarating brewing process during their stay. They will also immerse themselves in local culture, music, and spirituality, enjoying activities showcasing the rich heritage of the region. The highlight of their visit is set to be the “Moonlight Plucking” event, where they will join hundreds of women workers to pick the rare tea leaves of Silver Tips Imperial under the moonlight. 

Luxmi Tea Group’s Managing Director, Rudra Chatterjee said “This event will not only provide an opportunity for the delegates to experience the beauty and flavors of the region but also showcase the sustainable practices adopted by Makaibari. With tea being the biggest employer in India after Railways and a unique industry where over 50% of the workforce is women, the visit to Makaibari is a chance to celebrate the backbone of the tea industry and the balance of tradition and modernity.” 

He further adds, “During their visit to Makaibari, the G20 delegates will also have the opportunity to witness the estate’s biodynamic farming practices first-hand. Biodynamic farming is an ecological and sustainable approach to agriculture that seeks to create a self-sustaining ecosystem on the farm. It involves using natural fertilizers, planting a diverse range of crops, and working in harmony with the cycles of the moon and stars. Makaibari has been practicing biodynamic farming since the 1970s, and the results are impressive. The soil is rich and fertile, and the tea plants are healthy and full of flavor. The delegates will learn about the benefits of this approach to agriculture and its potential to create a more sustainable and resilient food system.” 

Through this event, Luxmi Tea Group aims to showcase the rich heritage and legacy of the Makaibari brand, as well as its commitment to sustainable health, agriculture, and environmental practices. The Moonlight Plucking experience is sure to be a highlight of the G20 delegates’ visit to India, and an unforgettable memory for all those involved. 

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