G20 -2nd Energy Transition WGM Gandhinagar

Under India’s G20 Presidency,the 2nd Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG) is taking placein Gandhinagar from 2nd April – 4th April, 2023. The meeting witnessed participation from more than 100 delegates from G20 member countries, Ministry of Energy, special invitee countries, and International Organizations. The first Working Group Meeting on Energy transition was held in Bengaluru from 5 to 7 February 2023.


On the second day of the Energy Transitions Working Group (ETWG)meeting,deliberations on access to clean energy, along with six major agenda viz, Energy transition through addressing technology gaps, Low-cost financing for energy transition, Energy security and diversified supply chains, Energy efficiency, industrial low carbon transitions,  responsible consumption, Fuels for future and Universal, access to clean& equitable energy, affordable, and inclusive energy transition pathways were held.


During the meeting delegates discussed ways to improve access to clean energy around the world in detail. Affordability and inclusivity were important points highlighted during discussions.A detailed seminar highlighting how a global shift in energy production could aid global sustainable coolingwas also organised.


Two additional programs,one on speeding up the cooling process and another on the renewable energy supply chain to facilitate and accelerate the energy transition wasorganised for the delegates. Success stories from countries around the world were highlighted along with a discussion on how energy hungry developing economies could apply such measures. On the sidelines of the meeting delegates were taken to Modhera Sun Temple.


The first meeting of the Working Group On Energy Transition took place in Bengaluru from 5-7th February. Discussions on Technology in the Energy Transition related deficiencies, low cost finance, energy security and low carbon emissions across a variety of supply chains and industries and fuel priorities for the future were discussed.


Under India’s Presidency, four ETWG meetings, various side events and a Ministerial Meeting have been planned.  India’s G20 Presidency will build upon the efforts and outcomes of previous presidencies, which have successfully advanced the cause of global cooperation in clean energy transition and have made it central to the agenda of sustainable economic development.










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