G20: 2nd Education WGM of G20 Countries Held in Amritsar

The meeting of the Education Working Group (EWG) of G20 countries started on Wednesday in Golden City Amritsar. The meeting began with seminars at Khalsa College and Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar. The seminars were held in various halls of the campuses of these educational institutions amid tight security arrangements. In the first session, the EWG meeting began with a panel discussion focused on harnessing the power of research in emerging and disruptive technologies. The panel discussions were held on innovative teaching methods which can help in formulating better practices and policies in education, globally.


The G20 delegates witnessed the cultural richness of India from close quarters by attending a beautiful welcome dance performed by the folk dancers of Punjab. The session was chaired by Professor Rajeev Ahuja, Director, IIT Ropar. The first session was organized at Khalsa College where a seminar on ‘Strengthening Research and Promoting Innovation through Enriching Collaborations’ was organized by IIT Ropar in collaboration with other premier higher education institutions. Emerging and disruptive technologies, Industry 4.0 and Sustainable Development Goals were discussed during the seminar. The discussion in the second session focused on issues like research in Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with rich collaboration.


Representatives and organizations from Australia, India, UK and France participated in the first session of the symposium. In the second session of the seminar, representatives and organizations from Oman, UNICEF, United Arab Emirates, China and South Africa participated. Meanwhile, Union Secretary (Higher Education) K.K. Sanjay Murthy, Director, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Prof. Govindan Rangarajan and Director of IIT Ropar were among the prominent people who appeared in a panel discussion at Khalsa College. This meeting of the EWGis being held in Amritsar from March 15 to March 17.

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