Fuel and gas price rise shall also determine the fortune of the state polls says leading Infra entrepreneur Laxman Jaiswal

Bengal is at a crossroads and fuel and gas price rise needs to be controlled immediately otherwise it will reflect on poll fortunes, says Eastern India’s leading Infrastructure entrepreneur, Laxman Jaiswal, Chairman and Managing Director Ascon Infrastructure India Ltd.


In a statement issued by him, Jaiswal pointed out that the uncontrolled price rise of fuel, domestic gas and petroleum products will surely have an impact in the ensuing polls in West Bengal. He urged both the Union and State Governments to reduce their part of the tax levied to give relief to bring down petroleum prices as it definitely is having a spiralling effect on prices of all products as well as the transportation costs.


“I urge the Central Government to immediately bring petrol and diesel under the ambit of GST as this will serve as a long term deterrent in uncontrolled price hike, I do understand that fuel sale also adds substantially to the revenue collection of both Centre and State but unequal rate of taxation across the country leads to a great disparity and the country must be brought under an uniform pricing like any other developed Nation.”


“Other public utility services will have a domino’s effect and grow parallel thereby improving overall conditions,” he added.


Jaiswal also hoped whoever wins the State elections must act fast to improve the GDP growth from the current 6.4%, fiscal deficit of over 3%, unemployment rate of almost 4.9% and more.”


“We, as entrepreneurs, look for a change towards positive and conducive atmosphere where there are incentives and ground conditions suitable for industrial growth and I hope the new Government irrespective of the colour fulfils people’s aspiration which includes every one, ie, inclusive towards a New Bengal  ,” Laxman Jaiswal concluded.


Laxman Jaiswal is the Chairman and Managing Director of Ascon Infrastructure India Ltd with operations in Bengal, Karnataka and Dubai in diverse infrastructure and IT enterprises.

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