From Reunion Island to Kolkata: Street Art by Kid Kreol and Boogie

The compound walls of the La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata is adorned with beautiful french mural art. The credit for this goes to the artists’ duo from Reunion Island France, Kid Kreol and Boogie, art teachers of the school Prasun Roy and Moumita Goswami Biswas, along with the students. This artwork was part of the second edition of Wall Art Festival-Think Beautiful in Kolkata organised by Alliance française du Bengale, La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata, the Embassy of France in India, the French Institute in India in association with JSW Paints.

KID KRÉOL & BOOGIE’s work consists of unveiling an imaginary Reunionese Creole world. It has its roots in the  Indian Ocean and in beliefs belonging to a culture that is gradually disappearing.They translate a predominantly oral and musical culture into images. As visual artists, their aim is to take this culture which is transmitted orally and through music in family circles and reflect and reinvent it in visual form. The intersection of these two perspectives gives rise to a third, unique vision as the artists conjure images beyond this island, beyond this world. Besides the local alchemy of their in situ production, it is the archetype of creation, a worldview, intertwining mysticism and poetry, uniting humanity and the universe.

Students said it was a great learning experience for them. Students learnt how the image was drawn on a piece of paper and then a pre drawn image was layered using an iPad. This was digitally expressed using all the colours of the rainbow.The french artists taught the students how to use the combination of two mediums-aerosol and acrylic paints.The walls of the school building, with their new look, have drawn the attention of passers-by as well.

Mr. Nicolas Facino, Director of Alliance française du Bengale said,“Street Art is much more than just an art, it has a societal dimension adding up to the urban environment, the city and its inhabitants. This fresco testifies to the friendship between La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata which has historical links with France and particularly the Alliance française du Bengale. I sincerely thank the principal, Mrs. Rupkatha Sarkar and the whole team at the school for their welcome.”

Mrs. Rupkatha Sarkar, Principal of La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata added“La Martiniere for Girls, Kolkata in partnership with Alliance Francais du Bengale was honoured to welcome the French artists Kid Kreol and Boogie from the Reunion Island, France and grateful for the enriching opportunity for students to learn techniques of French mural painting. May such bonhomie flourish through art and culture with human connect to foster global peace.”

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