Four Riders to represent India in Show Jumping at Asian Games 2022

First Selection trial for Show Jumping discipline for 19th Asian Games 2022 concluded in Bengaluru today. A total of 4 riders and 5 horses have qualified after winning trials.

Equestrian Federation of India (EFI), in continuation with its efforts to promote Equestrian sports in India organized competitions for Show Jumping Discipline at EIRS Bangalore from 22 – 26 Oct 2021. Show Jumping is an Olympic and an Asian Games Discipline. Top Riders, some of them being erstwhile Asian Games participants, contested for podium finish at the trials.

Height: 1.50 m Show Jumping Final Placings (Qualified Riders):


Position Name of Rider Name of Horse
1st Pranay Khare Vanilla Sky
2nd Kaevaan Setalvad Alasdair
3rd Zahan Setalvad Quintus Z

Height: 1.40 m Show Jumping Final Placings (Qualified Riders):


Position Name of Rider Name of Horse
1st Yashaan Khambatta Lorenzo
2nd Zahan Setalvad Quintus Z
3rd Zahan Setalvad El Capitan

Setalvad brothers, Kaevaan & Zahan had respresented India in previous Asia Games.

The event Show Jumping has two categories of competitions on two rounds at 1.40M Firstly and after two days rest another two round at 1.5M. The Show Jumping consists of obstacles called jumps in an area of 65m x 40 m. These obstacles have a sequence in which a Horse-Rider combination has to jump. These jumps are such that they fall in case they are touched by a horses. Generally, these jumps consists of poles. These poles are used to create vertical and parallel jumps. For each knock down a penalty of 4 faults is incurred by the rider and for one refusal also is the same penalty. However, on two refusal the Horse-Rider competition is eliminated from the competition. A time limit is also fixed depending on the length of the coursed and speed fixed as per the grade of competition. The winner is a Horse-Rider combination who incurres minimum penalties. Sometimes a jump off is required at the end of single or double round competitions in case there are more than three riders with same penalties.

The jury for this event included Mr Ribot Dominique Hugues – President Ground Jury, France, FEI 3 Star Judge, Mr Christian Schacht – Ground Jury Member, German, FEI 3 Star Judge, Col RS Yadav -Ground Jury Member, Indian, FEI 3 Star Judge, Mr Christian Schacht – Technical Delegate, German, FEI 3 Star Judge, Ms Magdolna Erdelyi – Course Designer, Hungry, FEI 3 Star CD, Brig GS Puri (Retd) – Chief Steward, Indian, 2 Star Steward, Col Rakesh Nair (Retd)- EFI Observer

Selection trials for Dressage discipline have also started in Bengaluru today, results of the same will be declared on 26th of October 2021.

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