Fortis Hospital, Anandpur Kolkata trains students and faculty of Loreto College for Basic Life Support (BLS) skills

Fortis Hospital, Anandpur Kolkata, successfully conducted a Basic Life Support (BLS) training forstudents and faculty of Loreto College, Kolkata, on May 11, 2023. The event was conducted by Dr. Sanjukta Dutta, Head and Consultant, Emergency Medicine, Fortis Hospital, Anandpur, Kolkata. The session was conducted as an initiative to empower the youth with the knowledge and confidence of dealing with medical emergencies.

BLS training is critical since it comprises recognizing warning signs of heart attack, stroke, foreign body airway blockage and providing basic care. The BLS training covered various emergency situations, such as choking, cardiac arrest, injuriesand demonstrated the correct techniques to provide immediate assistance to anyone in need.The session was attended by 195participants and in the last year Fortis Kolkata had made awareness with BLS camps to an approx. of 7000 people across.

Dr. Sanjukta Dutta, Head and Consultant, Emergency Medicine, Fortis Hospital Anandpur, Kolkata, highlighted the importance of BLS training session for college students, stating, “Basic Life Support training holds immense importance for students as it equips them with life-saving skills, cultivates a safety-conscious environment, and enables them to act as capable first responders to cardiac arrest. By undergoing BLS training, they become confident and competent first responders, capable of responding promptly in emergency situations. Whether it’s a medical crisis at home, in college, or in public places, their BLS training allows them to assess the situation, provide basic support, and initiate CPR until professional help arrives. This training not only enhances their ability to assist others but also instills a sense of responsibility, empathy, and preparedness within them.I am glad to facilitate this training session for the students of Loreto College, and I trust that they will persist in refining and mastering their life saving skills and train others going forward to insure public safety. “

Sr. Christine Coutinho, Principal, Loreto College said“We extend our sincere gratitude to Fortis Hospital, Anandpur, for conducting the BLS training session. The valuable knowledge and skills imparted by themedical experts will greatly benefit our students and faculty, empowering them to respond effectively in emergency situations.This training will undoubtedly have a lasting impact, equipping our students with life-saving abilities and enhancing their confidence in facing unexpected challenges.”

The event was a success, with an overwhelming response from the participants, who found the training very useful. The faculty and students appreciated the efforts made by Fortis Hospital, Anandpur Kolkata, in organizing such an event, which will help them respond better to emergencies and promote good health.Fortis Hospital, Anandpur Kolkata, remains committed to promoting health and wellness and will continue to organize such events to educate and create awareness among people on various health-related topics.

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