Fortis Hospital Anandapur partners with St. Xavier’s University for XAVRANG’23

Fortis HospitalAnandpur, has partnered with St. Xavier’s University for “XAVRANG’23”- an annual sport, cultural and management festival organized by St. Xavier’s University, which celebrates the talent, diversity, and energy of its student community. The partnership is aimed at creating awareness on health and wellness among the students.FortisAnandapurwill be providing a range of healthcare services at the event – ambulance service, first-aid booth, alongwith free health check-up camp for 400 faculty and staff members of the university.This includes weight, blood pressure, random blood sugar, ECG (as directed by the doctor), physician consultation, and cardiac consultation.Additionally, health talks on Basic Life Support (BLS) trainingbyDr Sanjukta Dutta, Consultant – Emergency Medicine, Health and Nutrition by Dr. Mita Shukla, Consultant Dietician along with Mental Health sessionby Dr. Sanjay Garg, Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences, Fortis Hospital, Anandapurwere organized.

Mr. Ashish Mukherjee ,Facility Director, Fortis Hospital, Anandapursaid,Medical emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere, thus it is crucial that people have the knowledge and skills needed to respond quickly and effectively. BLS training and mental health sessions can help people become better prepared to manage emergencies and promote overall well-being. By providing these sessions, Fortis Hospital is not only promoting health and well-being but also empowering the community to act when needed. This initiative is a step towards creating a more prepared and resilient society.The partnership is a testimony to Fortis HealthCare’s commitment towards society”

Mario Martin, St. Xavier’s University We are extremely grateful to Fortis Hospitalfor providing essential healthcare services during Xavrang’23. The youth needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle – The sessions on BLS training, Mental health, Nutrition provided the necessary knowledge to the staff and studentsand will be helpful for them to face any emergency”

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