Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, and Tiljala Traffic Guard came together to impart Basic Life Support Training

On the occasion of World Heart Day, Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, in association with Tiljala Traffic Guard, conducted a training program for traffic police on Basic Life Support during health emergencies. The session was conducted by Dr. Shuvanan Ray and Dr K M Mandana and attended by 30 traffic police personnel and drivers from different section of the society.


The training aimed at imparting knowledge on the do’s and don’ts for traffic police during health emergencies, road accidents, or other similar mishaps. The training session highlighted the role of traffic police in situations that require an understanding of how to handle such fatalities with precision.


Kolkata traffic police is always first on road activities. I am grateful to Fortis hospital for taking this initiative wherein I brought around 30 traffic police for Basic Life Support Training to be applied during emergency. In addition, I have also brought drivers from different section of the society to help them learn about immediate support during medical emergency. I feel that if incase they are aware about the activities during such occurence they will be able to save lives. I believe that men who will get trained in this session will be able to teach more traffic police in the upcoming days. I am grateful and looking forward to Fortis’s eternal support for any medical issues or emergency in the future, said, Souvik Chakroborty officer in charge Tiljala Traffic Guard.


“On the occasion of World Heart Day we have invited Kolkata police for training program. The police is trained but the civic volunteers and the guards are not. Hence the individual training program was inititated by us as they are the first responders on the street and they should be aware about how to manage a patient who had an accident. BLS training would give them the requisite knowledge and understanding of the immediate support they can provide and then they can rush the patient to the hospital and revive them from the situation. We have collaborated with Kolkata Police to initiate this awareness to the maximum extent possible” said, Director CTVS, Fortis Hospital, Anandapur.


Some of the key focuses of the session were to impart the knowledge to identify the signs and symptoms of cardiac issues and gastric pain and providing immediate support to the needy.


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