For the 1st time a team from India will explore Tichu Glacier region

Celebrating the Silver Jubilee of mountaineering expedition, Nilkantha Abhijatri Sangha has undertaken an expedition of 2 virgin peaks – Mt. Black (5995 mt) and Mt. White (6050 mt) in West Dibibokri Glacier, Himachal Pradesh. A 20 member team accompanies by 5 sherpas will start the expedition from 12th June 2022 and will return on 9th July 2022. The team will also undertake attempt to cross Tichu Col (5335 mt).

For the 1st time a team from India will explore Tichu Glacier region. The Tichu Glacier region till date has been explore only once in 1953 by an explorer from Argentina, Kenneth Snelssen. Mt. Black and Mt. White which are still a virgin peak, is a very technically challenged peak to explore and will be a true challenge for the young mountaineers of Kolkata. The most challenging part of this expedition will be exploring of Tichu Glacier region. Since 1994, the mountain explorer team of Nilkantha Abhijatri Sangha have successfully completed 24 expeditions during which 19 peaks were climbed. Nilkantha Abhijatri Sangha is supported by Bluechip Projects, Creation Engineering, SRMB Srijon, St. Xaviers – Panihati, Mahesh Agarwal, Kushal Bharat Group, BS Aqua Industries, Multiple Dwellers and Sriram Insight Investments.

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