Food that ‘floats your boat’ during the gloomy monsoon days



The rains have finally arrived and its warm, comforting food that ‘floats your boat’ during the gloomy monsoon days. What better place than The Fatty Bao to shelter from the downpour and indulge in piping hot ramens and soupy noodles, delicious steaming dim sums and crisp spicy fried appetisers. Fatty Floats Your Boat – our special Monsoon menu starts from July 5th – August 31st, 2019 created by Chef Sumit Choudhary at The Fatty Bao, Kolkata, is the perfect antidote to the grey monsoon days that lie ahead. From Chicken Dumpling with Smoked Tofu and Kimchi enveloped in translucent wrappers and steamed, to Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Dumplingwith fresh avocado and Philadelphia cream cheese and Spicy Sea Bass with, coriander and basil with burnt truffle butter sauce– our dim sum offering this season will be your perfect dinner starter. Add Fried Prawn and Garlic Roll with minced prawns, fried garlic and chives and Asian Marinated Fried Fish to go with our heady libations and we have the perfect party starter. And finally, the warm, comforting bowl of Ramen or Soupy Noodle and you’ll drive those monsoon blues far away!

Our fried appetizers are the perfect start to your meal while Dim Sums are the best accompaniment to a cocktail or a cup of aromatic, green tea. Order a Popiah (Cigar Roll) with asparagus, snow peas, shitake with five spice, soy, garlic and finished with rice wine and smoked garlic or a portion of Pulled Chicken Parcel, with garlic marinated and braised pulled chicken, sriracha, rice wine, honey, ginger and chilli and the Fried Prawn and Garlic Roll– served with our signature spicy house made chilli sauce, hot Sichuan sauce and smoked garlic, chilli, onion and celery sauce.

A variety of interesting, new dim sums and gyozas make an appearance on our monsoon menu in Kolkata. Try the Young Spinach, Asparagus, Roasted Beet, Carrot, Basil and Feta DumplingsBasil and Kaffir Limed Flavoured Red Curry Tofu Gyoza with mushroom and curry broth; Artichoke, Red Cabbage, Celery, Asparagus Wontons with home- made Guilin chilli sauce; Chicken Dumpling with Smoked Tofu and KimchiCrab Meat And Lobster With Orange Miso, Mint and Fennel with Fish Roe Gyoza; Tea Smoked Crystal Duck Dim Sum and a whole lot more both for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

But there is nothing more satisfying than slurping warm broth on a rainy day and if there is one dish that can satisfy your soul, it is the Ramen at The Fatty Bao. What could possibly be more appealing and comforting than a big bowl of noodles dunked in a rich, delicious broth generously garnished with meats, spring onions and plethora of toppings including soft boiled eggs and spiked with a dash of chilli oil.  This July at The Fatty Bao has a selection of Soupy Noodles and Ramens with made in-house noodles, hearty stock simmered slowly for over 8 hours, giving the broth an unparalleled robust flavour. It’s very hearty, warming and complex flavour profile makes it such a popular dish world-wide.

With each mouthful you get a bit of broth, meat and garnishing and there is no better way to enjoy it than hunched over a bowl slurping your way through till the last drop – with that inevitable splash or two on your clothes!  The Fatty Floats Your Boat menu offers a wide selection of Ramens and Soupy Noodles including Asian Chicken Noodles – rich creamy home-made curry paste with coconut milk, fried noodles, lime, chilli and shallots; Seafood Tempura Udon a basil and lemongrass flavoured spicy tomato, fish and prawn broth with calamari, prawn and fish tempura, shredded nori and home-made yuzu kosho with seven spice powder; Hot Katsu Pork – home-made hot bird’s eye chilli pork broth with crumb fried pork, bamboo shoot pickle, seven spice powder smoked corn and soft boiled egg.

The trendy, chic, Asian gastrobar, The Fatty Bao Kolkata continues to be favourite destination among diners, for a quick lunch, a leisurely afternoon or an evening get-together with friends, cool cocktails or just a relaxed evening by the bar.  The Fatty Bao appeals to everyone who appreciates well-crafted drinks and inventive Asian food served in an edgy, chic atmosphere. It blends a chic, laid-back vibe with an amazing cocktail and cuisine offering that draws inspiration from Asia’s vast and diverse culinary history.


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