Flamingo unveils pain management products across categories in multiple color variants

Ascent Meditech Limiteda leading player in Orthopedic Soft Goods, Mobility, Wound-care and Healthcare products, showcased the Flamingo range of Orthopaedic and Pain Management products during IOACON 2019 (Indian Orthopaedic Association’s 64th Annual Conference) organized by the West Bengal Orthopaedic Association and being held at the Biswa Bangla Convention Centre, Kolkata, from 21-24 November. IOACON 2019, the biggest Orthopaedic conference in South Asia, hosts around 9,000 delegates including experts in the field of Orthopaedic and Basic Sciences.

Mr. Rajiv Mistry, Founder & MD, Ascent Meditech Ltd., said, “We are extremely excited about Flamingo’s participation at IOACON 2019 Kolkata. Ascent Meditech has always been proactive in seeking inputs from Orthopaedic experts while developing new products and bringing them to the market.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, added, “IOACON 2019 Kolkata is the right mega platform for us to unveil the new customer-centric coloured variants for Flamingo’s range of products across categories. Consumers are now empowered with Power of Choice while making their selections. Flamingo products provide support and enable people across all age-groups to par-take regular day-to-day activities – be at home or at work.”

On this momentous occasion, Ascent Meditech unveiled its new customer-centric single and two-coloured variants for Flamingo’s range of products across categories – Black, Beige and a combination of Black & Orange for the regular range; and Turquoise Blue for the premium range of products giving it a trendier, sporty and contemporary look, appealing to the younger and millennial customers.

Prominent products offered by Flamingo in post-operative segment include Knee Braces, Knee Wraps, Shoulder Immobilizer etc whereas in preventive care Flamingo offers Heat Therapy Range (Heat Belt), Cold Therapy range (Cool Pack, Hot & Cold Eyes Mask & Cool Eyes), Regular and Premium Thigh Support, Regular and Premium Elbow Support, Waist Trimmer, Regular and Premium Anklet, Varicose Vein Stockings, Diabetic Socks, Back Rest.

Regular and Premium Thigh Support is recommended in sports injury & post-surgical rehabilitation care. It offers relief in pain and inflammation. It has a simple pull on application and allows easy knee movement. Regular and Premium Elbow Support provides relief from pain associated with old age, sports injury, etc. It retains heat & uniform compression that helps to reduce pain. It has a specially knit design at joint region for better flexibility. It has easy elbow movement and better comfort.

Waist Trimmer helps to reduce excess weight and reduces unwanted inches. It supports abdomen & captures body heat produced during exercise & increases perspiration around waistline. It may be worn undetected under clothing. It is quick and easy to wear. It is an economical way to reduce excessive weight over the abdominal region. Regular and Premium Anklet is recommended in edema, sports injury, mild to moderate sprains & strains and old age. It reduces travelling & provides comfort.


It has a specially knit design at joint region for better flexibility. It snugly fits to the ankle and has a simple pull on application.

Varicose Vein Stockings is recommended for tired, aching and swollen legs. It provides compression, helps to reduce edema and relieves pain. Diabetic Socks is often used among people suffering from diabetes, arthritis OR who experience foot pain and have sensitive foot. Presence of extra padding at the bottom ensures safeguarding from light injuries and shoe bites. Back Pain is common in today’s day and age, thanks to the sedentary lifestyle we lead every-day. Our ergonomically designed, a preventive lifestyle product, Flamingo Back Rest, addresses the issue of Back Pain effectively and provides comfort and relief specially when work involves sitting for long hours. It can be used both at home and at work.

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