First G20 meeting of 2023 to be hosted in Kolkata from 9th-11th January, 2023

The first meeting under India’s G20 Presidency in 2023 will be hosted in Kolkata, also known as the ‘City of Joy’, from 9th – 11th January, 2023. It will be the First Meeting for the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) Working Group of G20 under the Finance Track of G20 India. This working group is expected to discuss ways to improve financial system infrastructure, pursue policies conducive to harnessing emerging technologies, facilitating remittance flows and reducing the cost of remittance transfers, financial literacy and consumer protection, digital financial literacy and bridging the digital divide among others.

In line with the previous G20 meetings during the first month of India’s G20 Presidency held in Udaipur, Mumbai and Bengaluru, Kolkata meeting will also be an opportunity for visiting delegates to experience the sweet culture of West Bengal. During three days the G20 Delegates will get a glimpse of the rich culture, cuisine, heritage sights such as sprawling gardens, historical colleges, universities, libraries, auditoriums and famous art galleries of Kolkata. Just like the venues of the previous meeting, there would be cultural programs and excursions.

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