Financial support to Ayesha Noor to pursue her dream of winning gold for India again

How much did you accomplish before you turned 18?

What Ayesha Noor has done is nothing short of astonishing.

She grew up and continues to live in extreme poverty, in a one-room house with three people. Her mother is a maid.Her father died when she was 13.
She had to leave school at age 5 because she was having epileptic seizures – something she still battles with today using costly medication.

And yet today, here’s what Ayesha has done in spite of all this against her, all before turning 20:Won two gold medals at India’s national karate championships. Won three gold medals at international competitions, including her most recent one at the Youth International Karate Championship in Bangkok.

Ayesha began training girls and young women from the slums the art of karate. She has been awarded by the US government.

Ayesha fights in spite of her epilepsy. Her karate seems to push it aside – she never has seizures while training or competing without help from anyone.

Every time she brings awards for the country , she struggles to compete for the next tournament.This is where the government comes in, which is supposed to provide necessary support to budding athletes so that they can keep on with their training. But that has not been the case for Ayesha.

Her Coach M A Ali also believes that there has been “inequality” in the way the government treated her as compared to other.The state government is yet to offer any support to her.

Fortunately, Amiruddin Bobby (MMIC and Councillor ward 54) and Anjuman Mufidal Islam came forward and given her financial assistance to Ayesha Noor so that she can participate at the World Meet 2019 , Thailand. Amiruddin Bobby said “Ayesha is an inspiration to all of us. She has made our country proud. I am sure she would bring more medals for India. I am going to speak with the concerned authorities so that she get support from government and able to run her own academy.”

Ayesha wants to continue teaching karate to more young women.

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