Fight Covid with molecular iodine


The recorded use of iodine in medicine, dates back to 5000 BC when seaweed and sea sponges were used to shrink goiters. Lugol’s iodine was introduced in 1829, tincture of iodine in 1908 and finally povidone iodine PVP-I in 1955 (brand name: Betadine). Iodine is a very effective antimicrobial and has been touted by influential healthcare researchers as a “game changer” in oral health.There is overwhelming evidence backed by research that the COVID-19 virus can be safely and effectively inactivated by molecular iodine.

I2cure Pvt Ltd,World’s 1st broad spectrum anti-microbial active molecular Iodine based Biotechnology company launched a range of ‘COVID DEFENSE’ products that provide holistic protection with 99.999% proven efficacy The company launched products in the categories of Derma, ENT, Dental, Personal Hygiene space. The company also launched a range or products for clinical and surgical use.

Incubated in 2019 by Mr. Anil Kejriwal,  I2 group of companies, which is headquartered in Singapore, embarked on a mission to provide cutting edge products in the field of Molecular Iodine. Mr. Anil Kejriwal, alumni of lIT Kanpur chanced upon a few Dione scientists in USA who were introduced to him by his IIT alma mater. An astute businessman, Mr Kejriwal quickly realized the true potential of product and decided to commercially launch these products. With an initial investment outlay of 10 million USD, I2 Group of companies setup a R&D Lab India and also scouted out a production facility which could match the global aspirations of the group.

Under the technical guidance of the Chairman, the research team created its first and flagship product  I2 cure Bioshield Lotion aimed at providing protection against the COVID-19 SARS virus. This product was tested and certified for a 99.99. efficacy against all known pathogens (Bacteria, Virus and Fungus) by India’s Nodal testing Lab, CCMB, which is a CSIR lab. In addition, these products were also tested by ALG in Germany and USA.
During the height of the 2nd wave of the pandemic, the  I2 Bioshield lotion was used very effectively in controlling the spread of the COVID virus. Frontline workers such as the Uttarakhand Police during the Kumbh mela, Delhi Police during the Farmers Agitation were all given the Bioshield lotion to protect them from the onslaught of the deadly virus.
Buoyed by the immense success and acceptance of the product The COVID DEFENSE range was expanded to 4 more new products such as, I, Nasal Spray, I, Mouth Mist, I, Gargle and Eye Bath which provides 6 hours complete protection from deadly viruses.
Speaking at the press conference, Mr. Anil Kejriwal — Founder, I2 said “We are very happy and excited to bring our products that are relevant and need of the hour. We have already setup our regional office in Kolkata and have invested in setting up of a large multilingual captive call center. The company furtherrnore has created a It pronged go-to-market platform under which we will address the D-to-C, institutional Sales, Retail and Pharma outlets coupled with an online presence.
Mr. Anil Kejriwal further added “We will very soon be establishing out footprint on a global scale and will ux, have operations in Dubai and Europe. It is our constant endeavors to innovate path breaking products for daily chronic problems faced by public at large.”

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