Felicitating Unsung Heroes as part of CMRI@50

Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI), the first private hospital in the city started its journey in the years 1969. Since then this healthcare institution has been serving patients of the city and ensuring clinical excellence and has turned into a healthcare destination of eastern India.  As it steps into the 50th year, it becomes fully aware of the most important factor in Health Care Service is Trust. The trust between a doctor and his patient is sacred. There could be times when from the outside, this relationship may be perceived as having been ruffled, but there can be no doubt that this trust which has stood the test of time will continue to remain unblemished.

To celebrate the Golden Jubilee this year, CMRI gave a platform to the young unsung heroes, to come forward and talk about their journey and share their experience and endorse their faith in the medical fraternity along with the CK Birla Group COO – Dr Simmardeep Gill.

The enriching session was focussed on patients like:

Papai Roy who navigated through indescribable pain and trauma with an attitude under the supervision of Dr. Sujoy Mukherjee, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon 

Samrat Kar who was diagnosed with Acute Pancreatitis but whose confidence, determination and will power saw him make a complete recovery under the able care of Dr Anirban Chattopadhyay, Intensive Care Specialist;

Amit Gosh who had a train accident which nearly halted his journey of life but thanks to the dedicated care he received from Dr. Soumitra Roy, Consultant, Neuro Surgeon is now ready to take on life’s challenges without any fear or inhibition;

Stuti Das, who had a fatal accident and was bed ridden for almost six months and never gave up on her dreams and passion with Dr Ayan Ray, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, being by her side;

Paromita Bera, an acid attack victim who, thanks to the relentless efforts of Dr. Anupam Golash, Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgery is now back to her old self;

Payal Samantha, a flourishing journalist who underwent Dialysis under the watchful eyes of Dr. Kaushik Das, Consultant Nephrologist, and is presently living life king size.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Simmardeep Gill, COO, CK Birla Hospitals gave rare overview of the entire spectrum of Health Care Industry and sounded optimistic about the future of CMRI. “As we step in to the Golden Jubilee year celebration of CMRI, I want to convey my best wishes to the entire CMRI team who have made the hospital an institution of healing, comfort, hope and leaning with unmatched clinical excellence. Even after 50 years, dedication, commitment and providing quality health care to patients from all sections of society remains our principal objective” said Dr Gill. He added, “As we look to the next 50 years, we are positive about our ability to adapt and to meet the constantly evolving and dynamic needs of society and medical science. We are looking to develop a futuristic clinical outlook by adopting new technologies and by continuing as an integral part of healthcare innovations in India and the world in our unending pursuit for excellence”. Dr. Gill was optimistic about the future of the Healthcare Industry in India. According to him, and rightly so, there is no greater gift than that of good health.

At the very core of a healthcare relationship lies trust. Trust, which manifests itself in the form of a patient’s voluntary acceptance of his vulnerability in the expectation that the healthcare provider will do the best for him. CK Birla Hospital is very fortunate to have a rich legacy of an incredible fifty years based primarily on trust. Being a trust-based institution, it is still preferred by the people at large. As with Rome, this trust did not develop overnight but over years of perseverance, action and an unwavering resolve to continue providing the best healthcare service. Service that is selfless and silent. It is worth mentioning that very few institutions [and CK Birla Hospitals most certainly fits the description] in India, let alone Kolkata, can pride themselves of having been in existence and having had the good fortune of rendering benevolent services for as any as 50 years.

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