Exploring new horizons in clinical endocrinology

Indian Society for Pediatric & Adolescent Endocrinology ( ISPAE) is thrilled to
announce the inauguration of the 6th Biennial Conference in Kolkata today . The conference will continue till 1st December, 2019 in association with the West Bengal Academy of Pediatrics. This is the first time that such a robust conference of ISPAE is taking place in Kolkata.
Speaking on the occasion Dr Subrata Dey, H.O.D Pediatric Endicrinology ,Apollo Gleaneagles Hospital and Chairman ISPAE said, Congenital hypothyroidism is extremely common in 1 is to 2000 live births today .And should be picked up in the newborn and treatment be started before 2 weeks of life.If detection is done later then the newborn may suffer mental retardation.Short stature in children should be investigated early and
diagnosis should be made and treatment started for optimum growth . Growth hormone deficiency andhypothyroidism are treatable causes of short stature.Type 1 diabetes mellitus is on the rise and requires insulin therapy new. New advances in diagnosis Management and technology has given a chance for the children to lead a normal life. Obesity is increasing amongst our children . But through diet, exercise and lifestyle changes
should be made to prevent life long complications.”
Like previous ISPAE conferences, this year, the 6th Biennial includes the discussion on the incisive recent advances, interactive sessions and management oriented state of the art lectures to provide the delegates with the ideal platform for information exchange. Latest concepts in diabetes care “time in range”, advanced technologies in management, Future of T1 DM management hands on insulin pump therapy will be presented at CSII and ATTD Symposium in the morning session of the first day. Cutting edge Plenary lectures on Growth and Diabetes, Faculty lectures on Novel Therapeutics and Bone Symposium are also the highlights of the first day. State of the art Symposia in Growth Puberty Thyroid and Diabetes, interactive Meet the Professor sessions, Year in Review and Interesting Case Conundrums are on display on the second day. The final day is dedicated to
practical pediatric endocrinology for pediatricians to guide and empower. A galaxy of renowned international and national Faculty will offer their expertise to give valuable take home messagesThe Glorious history of pediatrics and adolescent endocrinology association chapter has started in the year 1987.
During the next two decades this fraternity has been significantly contributing to the cause of pediatricendocrinology and in its every spectrum. Since years, ISPAE played a leading role in the promotion of pediatric endocrinology, metabolism and diabetes in Indian context. This year, also, ISPAE is determined to present the 6th Biennial Conference as an endeavor of our resilient accountability in fighting diabetes, in exploring new horizons in clinical endocrinology and in keeping a humble but valiant promise to make our children safe, to make them stronger than ever in fighting pediatric complexities !

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