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 It is the season of yuletide and food and it calls for a stellar kitchen that caters to the ambience needed to curate that perfect recipe. At Häfele, we understand how important your kitchen is to you. It really is the heart of your home, and should be designed for every aspect of life. This understanding is behind all our kitchen fittings and accessories. We know what you need from your kitchen, and every item is designed with you in mind.It is this extra consideration that comes through in Häfele’s Range of Handmade ARGENTO Kitchen Sinks.
Every sink from this range is a product of meticulous guidance, crafted through the process of manual welding. Häfele introduces 5 new sink designs in its ARGENTO range that come in various sizes and configurations to meet individual requirements and design preferences of every user. All ARGENTO sinks are made of Stainless Steel Grade 304 which by virtue grants them extraordinary durability and unbeatable performance, and lowers the chances of corrosion and rusting. This along with the Asphalt coating of the sink base adds an extra layer of protection and prevents any condensation and corrosion. The inherent aseptic property of Stainless Steel makes the surface of the sinks hygienic and easy to clean after the many varied chores of the day. The sinks come with extra deep bowls with depths ranging from 8-10 inches to accommodate even large vessels comfortably. Accomplishing tasks at the sink is also quieter with ARGENTO sinks, thanks to the sound suppression pads that absorb noise caused by utensils during the process of washing them. These sinks, with an elegant European Satin Finish, blend in seamlessly with the overall aesthetics of your kitchen and come with a warranty of 10 years.

Next on line is the Häfele’s Range of Plinth Fittings and Accessories. Keep in mind your kitchen is only as strong as its foundation; it goes without saying that the flexible and varied work in the kitchen should be backed by an equally sturdy base. But along with this aspect of functionality, due to the rising need of open spaces, it is also desirable to have all your kitchen fittings in the same finish and colour for a seamless appearance. Häfele’s Range of Plinth Fittings and Accessories will not only support your kitchen in all its functional attributes but also blend with your Aluminium profiles and handles so that your entire space is colour-coordinated right down to the last element. The Plinth Fittings by Häfele are designed to perfectly match with the aesthetic standards and functional requirements of modern modular kitchens. It includes Skirting Panels and Skirting Connectors, Plinth Legs and Plinth Connectors, and Ventilation Grills.

The Skirting Panels by Häfele come in six finishes: Dark Bronze, Graphite, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver and Aluminium Mirror which pair flawlessly with Häfele’s Profin Range of Aluminium Profiles, blending seamlessly, thereby providing a monochromatic look to your kitchen. For varied applications, the Skirting Connectors which attach two Skirting Panels together are available in different angles and impeccably match the finishes of the Skirting Panels. The Plinth Legs from this range come in two variants, Plinth Leg with Round Base and Plinth Leg with Triangular Base for extra support. Each leg can carry a load up to 200 kg which is more than enough for a standard kitchen. The range also has Plinth Connectors that help secure your Skirting Panel firmly to the Plinth Legs. In addition to the Standard Clip Connector, Häfele also has the Blink Connector that lets you easily access the space beneath your cabinets due to its detachable magnetic connection between the Skirting Panel and Plinth Leg. The range also consists of Ventilation Grills which enable air circulation inside your built-in cabinets letting your built-in appliances work efficiently.

With this brand you can now have the perfect kitchen to cook your dream recipe.

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