Experience “Swad Kesariya”, The Winter Food Festival at Khandani Rajdhani!

The city’s wait for a glorywinter is finally over and it’s time to relish the winter delicacies. The most pleasant months of the season bring with them the freshest vegetables and the best cuisineof the year. Bringing the finest to your platter is Khandani Rajdhani’s Swad Kesariya festival that runs across all outlets from December 5th– 31st, 2019!

Swad Kesariya is Khandani Rajdhani’s centerpiece celebration that has India’s food lovers waiting eagerly all year long. Its menu brings together the most authentic, fresh and varied Indian vegetarian winter dishes from all corners of the country. From traditional family secrets and regional favorites to seasonal surprises, Swad Kesariya pleases the palate like nothing else. On the menu will be irresistible preparations such as Surti Undhiyu, Methi Ka Pitla, Suva Lilava Sabji, Sarson Ka Saag and Bedmi Puri ,Shalgamaur Hare Mutter ki Subzi, Lilva Ratalu– all seasonal favorites. And to top it all, there are the showstopper desserts Goond Ke Laddoo, Adadiya Pak, Shakarkand Ki Rabdi, Ragi Coconut Ladoo & Gajar Halwa the most loved dessert of the season. These are served with Khandani Rajdhani’s famed farsan, chutneys, appetizers, Indian breads and a variety of rice and khichdi. All of them are made from the best quality, freshest produce.


The menu will be served on a rotational basis, ensuring that no matter how often you visit, your Thali offers your surprising combinations and new flavors each time. The experience is enhanced with Khandani Rajdhani’s award-winning hospitality.


Swad Kesariya will be hosted across all Khandani Rajdhani outlets in India and will also be available for home deliveries. Mark your calendars, build up your appetite and get ready to soak in India’s most loved winter flavors with Khandani Rajdhani’s Swad Kesariya. It’s an annual treat from the world’s favorite Thali to all its patrons!

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