Exhibition aims to foster an understanding of art work

‘Studio Artz’an inclusive centre for learning art in Kolkata, curated‘Nachiketa 2020’, on February 9th-11th, 2020 at the ICCR Nandlal Bose Hall. The three day exhibit showcased aspectacle of a myriad of colours to serenade an abundance of themes, ascribed to the art. In multiple media, such as tempera, charcoal, pen and ink and oil pastel, Nachiketa captured through 100-odd works on display, the new trend of gender fluidity along with other variables like floral, landscape, people and abstracts.

The participants came from different walks of life- doctors, retired school teachers, singers, regular office goers, IT professionals, HR personnel, restaurateur, housewives and even art graduates.  The event was inaugurated by the eminent artist Samir Aich, who has been in this field for three decades now. The founders of Studio Artz, Mr.Rabin Kumar Mondal, Mrs.NeerjaNopany and Ms.SmitaSonthalia were also present during the exhibition to extend their support to the students.


According to Mr. Rabin Kumar Mondal,“The exhibition reaches out to the general public and gives them an opportunity to learn to understand and appreciate art and even enhance their living spaces with a piece of affordable art.” Mrs NeerjaNopany also said, “The institution seeks not just to curate and bring out the best of art forms but also to educate its visitors.” Ms.SmitaSonthalia added “The exhibition was started with a mission and vision to foster an understanding of art work.”

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