EuroSchool Students raise Rs 2.5 Million to provide hygiene kits to unprivileged girls and women

EuroSchool Airoli, a leading ICSE & CAIE school in Navi Mumbai, in partnership with Rotary Club district 3141 in association with, has raised Rs 25.8 lakh through a crowdfunding campaign to provide sanitation kits to underprivileged women and girls. With these collected funds, reusable sanitary pads will be made available to more than 10300 underprivileged girls and women of Mumbai and surrounding areas along with hygiene kits.

The students, led by EuroSchool Airoli, Navi Mumbai, plan to reach out to more and more underprivileged women through various initiatives. Through crowdfunding, the students of

EuroSchool Airoli have raised Rs 25.8 lakh to provide reusable sanitary pads and hygiene kits to this group. This humanitarian initiative by the students of EuroSchool Airoli will benefit many girls and women from weaker sections of society.

The income source of many poor families across the country has been affected due to the pandemic. In addition to the financial crisis already arising due to lockdown, their basic needs of food and hygiene have also been affected severely due to the 2nd wave of the pandemic and loss of jobs etc. Poor menstrual hygiene produces physical health risks which may lead to reproductive and urinary tract infections.

Before starting this campaign, students participated in some sessions organized by the Rotary Club in association with where they were introduced to the concept of Crowdfunding and its rules. Students were also made aware of the humanitarian initiative done in the pre-east by the rotary club. A virtual meeting was organized in another session, where students were asked to choose initiative from the list shared with them. Students decided to choose to distribute reusable sanitary pads and hygiene kits for the unprivileged girls and women.

Sanitary Napkins are a basic necessity for every woman. This needs to reach the girls and women from the weaker sections of society to ensure health and hygiene. Each reusable menstrual sanitary packaged price is Rs 250/- in which the distribution costs are also included.

About this humanitarian campaign being carried out by the students, Principal Geeta Agarwal of EuroSchool Airoli said, “Our EuroSchool students have always been passionate about their social responsibilities. The beauty of this initiative is that it was completely led by the children. They took up an initiative that even grown-ups cannot imagine. Being a taboo subject, the children still wanted to take it up and we are glad that the students chose this one from among the many options offered by the Rotary Club. The goal of reaching a certain amount of donation defines a strong intention.”

200 students of Grade10  CAIE and CISCE and Grade 12 ISC participated in this campaign.

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