EuroSchool organizes storytelling workshop with renowned filmmaker Krish Jagarlamudi

EuroSchool, one of India’s leading school networks joined hands with Mr. Krish Jagarlamudi, a renowned filmmaker in Telugu, Tamil, and Hindi cinema to organize a workshop on the art of storytelling for children.


This workshop aims to inculcate the art of storytelling among children. The key aspects of this workshop were how to create your own story, how to mold the personalities of the characters in a story, the importance of a climax and anti-climax, and the integration of humor and dark humor within the stories.


More than 4000 students participated in this workshop and selected students also had access to a one-on-one virtual Q&A with Krish. This storytelling workshop gave EuroSchoolers in-depth knowledge as to how filmmakers create great stories and what goes into building a strong film script and story.


The objective of the workshop was to give students guidance on the art of story writing and scripting. EuroSchool will kick-off a Storywriting competition on 1st Dec that will run across the schools. The top stories will be shortlisted and featured in an exclusive book that will be available on Kindle and Amazon.


Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Rahul Deshpande, CEO EuroSchool, said, “EuroSchool believes in partnering with world-class experts and professionals to host inspiring initiatives for children. We chose to host a storytelling workshop with renowned film-maker, Mr. Krish Jagarlamudi because the expertise and experiences of experts like Mr. Krish will be of immense value for our EuroSchoolers. Helping children to tell their stories is very important to their social, emotional, and cognitive development, especially communication and literacy. We hosted a fitness workshop for children last year in collaboration with Jonty Rhodes and this time, we had renowned filmmaker Krish giving our children a deep dive into the incredible world of storytelling. We have received great feedback from parents & children and will continue to host such inspiring engagements for our EuroSchoolers.


Producer of notable films like Gabbar is Back & Manikarnika, Mr. Krish Jagarlamudi on this occasion, said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed hosting this workshop for young EuroSchoolers. I was happy to be invited for this expert talk since I had heard a lot about EuroSchool and was impressed by its innovative teaching methodology. It was great to learn that several EuroSchoolers across different ages and grades are young authors and have had their books published. Many people think that the gift of storytelling belongs only to writers, shamans, and the very old. The reality is we are all storytellers from the very earliest days of our lives. This workshop has allowed me to open the minds and imaginations of young children towards stories and storytelling. Stories inspire us, awaken our emotions and become an important medium to enhance our personality and shape us. I am sure that there will be a great response to the ‘Story Writing Competition’ which will start from 1st December 2021. Top stories will be featured in an exclusive book that will be published on Kindle and also available on Amazon. I wish the EuroSchool team the very best.”


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