As a dermatologist I’m flooded with queries related to hair health. Over recent days, I have been getting a lot of questions surrounding hair care during Holi. But whether specific to Holi or in a more general sense I realizedthat there was one piece of daily hair care that was making its appearance in every single answer: Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is hands down the best solution for many different hair problems. But more than that it is almost like an elixir for hair of all types. This is true of all seasons, especially Holi when our hair suffers a lot of damage. Here’s why:

  1. Coconut Oil: hair protector

Exposure to Holi colours chokes up the hair follicles preventing the scalp’s nourishing oils from conditioning our hair. As a result, it loses moisture and shine, which increases dryness. A Research Gate study revealed that Coconut Oil is the only oil to go 10 layers deep, no other oils come even close. It forms a layer of protection that continually hydrates your hair, irrespective of fluctuating humidity levels or static in the environment. It also has sun protective and antioxidant abilities to safeguard hair from sun damage. Moreover, coconut oil has been proven to reverse 100% of the damage sustained by our hair. It helps bring back the hair surface smoothness to its original state.

  1. Coconut Oil: Frizz Reducer

When coconut oil is applied prior to a hair wash, it coats the inside of the hair shaft like an internal jacket. Even after you wash it off, it still remains inside, locking the humidity inside the shaft which leaves the hair soft and freshly washed from outside and prevents moisture from being pulled away from the shaft.

If you haven’t pre applied coconut oil, applying a few drops to freshly washed, damp hair, ensures that the moisture stays locked in and your hair stays frizz free. This method may require a reapplication after a few hours.

  1. Coconut Oil: The Master of all Trades

Coconut oil isliterally like the master of all trades. While all other oils only remain outside the hair, coconut oil also penetrates the deepest into your hair thus offering you protection from the outside as well as nourishment from the inside. It penetrates, nourishes, and protects the scalp and hair shafts from within and ensures neither hydration nor health is compromised.

So, remember, whatever your hair issues or routine, apart from any specific therapies, ensure coconut oil is a part of your everyday hair care routine and more importantly your pre-and-post-Holi hair care routine.


Dr Aparna Santhanam, dermatologist, and hair and wellness expert

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