Durga Puja Special Authentic Bengali Menu Launch at Saradin

Bengali cuisine restaurant Saradin launched Durga Puja Special Menus.  This special menu features a delectable array of Bengali delicacies, carefully crafted to delight the taste buds of our patrons and pay homage to the rich culinary traditions of Bengal.


Durga Puja, one of the most celebrated festivals for everyone living in Bengal, is also a time for exhilaration and gastronomic indulgence. Therefore Saradin has decided to announce the launch of its highly anticipated Pujo Special Menu and  a wide range of delicacies Bengali Cuisine.


Highlights of the Pujo Special Menu include Aam Pora Sarbot in Beverage, Starter Includes Mochar Chop, Fish Fry, and main course includes Dokar Dalna in veg, Katla Kalia, Pabda Jhal and Bhetki Paturi in non-veg to complete the menu there is Aam Doi and Baked Rasogolla for dessert. Saradin’s team of expert chefs has poured their passion and expertise into each dish, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience for all guests.


Three Main Partners of Saradin are Diganta Banerjee, Indra Baran Saraswati, Chittaranjan Prusty, Debabrata Naha and the Supporting Partner of Saradin is Debanjan Das.


“We are excited to share the flavours of Pujo with our valued customers ,” said Diganta Banerjee, Owner at Saradin. “Our Pujo Special Menu represents our commitment to offering authentic Bengali cuisine that captures the essence of this festive season.

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