Durga Puja from all over Bengal can be seen in this Puja Mandap

The mandap is shaped like an art school and shows the journey of Bengali art and artists

Kolkata: Organizers are doing Durga Puja with double enthusiasm in Bengal this time. After many years they got global recognition. Behala Buroshibtala Janakalyan Sangh is thanking the people behind this recognition, through their Puja Mandap.

Here the best pujas and the artistry of their creators are saluted with giving them a place in the pandal. An attempt has also been made to show Durga Puja of whole Bengal in this Puja Pandal.

The mandap has been transformed into an art school, depicting the journey of Bengali art and artists. Also, thanks are expressed to the audience, media, and judges of various puja competitions, who have considered the artist’s imagination and given them recognition.

At the same time, efforts have been made to thank the police and administration for their tireless cooperation in making the puja a success through the Puja Mandap.

Durga puja of Behala Buroshibtala Janakalyan Sangha

The theme of the puja is ‘Our Creation, Your Vision’. This is the 16th year of Durga puja of Behala Buroshibtala Janakalyan Sangha, which has been registered as the best puja event in Kolkata through the first puja.

Robin Mondal, who organized the puja on a budget of lakhs without grants and without the help of advertisers, said, “When we decided to do the puja, we decided that we will not take donations from anyone, because we have heard stories of atrocities by the puja committees in the name of donations.”We also didn’t take helps of advertisers, because they reduced the space for visitors.

The first time the puja started with a budget of 20 lakhs, this time the cost is expected to reach 50 to 60 lakhs.

Puja mandap will be inaugurated on September 28 by the children of the blind school. We are trying to thank everyone for the global recognition of Bengal Puja from UNESCO.

We have tried to make Bengal’s famous artists and various works of art by giving puja mandap a shape of an art school, through which we express our gratitude to all those, whose efforts have made Bengal’s Durga Puja a UNESCO World Heritage Site today.

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