Durga Puja Celebrations with idols made of JK Cement Wall Putty & White Cement

Durga Puja is celebrated with great fervor in Kolkata and this time around, JKCement WallMaxX Wall Putty launched a #AntarThekeShundor initiative, amping up the festivities with idols made out of their wall putty and white cement at Singhi Park, Kolkata for the first time in the history of Durga Puja celebrations.


#AntarThekeShundortranslates and signifies the importance of being beautiful from the inside which also re-iterates the brand promise of JKCement WallMaxX wall putty that makes the walls of our homes beautiful from the inside. We often get lost in the everyday humdrum of life and this initiative of JKCement WallMaxX aims to bring out those finer qualities of every human being. AntarthekeShundor is a platform that celebrates the good deeds and intentions of people who are selfless and makes the world a better place.


Durga Puja is the busiest time of the year when people make merry and step out and immerse themselves into the glitz and glamour of larger-than-life pandals and installations. During this time West Bengal’s marketing landscape thrives with brand activities and big claims are made to stand apart in the cacophony. However, JKCement WallMaxX chose to go the other way and make an installation that is different, arty and acts like a mirage in this desert of the blingy world.



With industry’s first white cement and wall-putty based installations that represent the beauty of the sculpting art at its best, this one-of-its-kind, tastefully-made installation at Singhi Park, captured the universal themes of unconditional love, child-like joy, maternal benevolence & empathy without the need for acknowledgment. This Puja installation truly managed to depict the essence of how Bengal is, its culture & its people who make it AntarthekeShundor. Along with the significant idols, the event also witnessed the felicitation of people from different walks of life who made a difference to the society by their good deeds.



Talking about the theme of the campaign, Hardeep Singh, President,White Cement Business, JK Cement Limited,said, “In a world increasingly moving towards floozy, fake goods, we wanted to create a point of view on being actually good. Good from the inside, not just exterior good. This resonates with the brand truth of JKCement WallMaxX wall putty which makes our wall beautiful inside out. Through our campaign, we wanted to emphasize on the fact that goodness will prevail in the world amongst us even if it goes unnoticed. Durga Puja, where millions of people celebrate the victory of good over evil, became a natural fit for us to acknowledge the virtue and kindness of the people around us through our #AntarThekeShundor initiative.”


The idols and the dalan were made out of JKCement WallMaxX Wall Putty and JKCementWhiteMaxX White Cement, representing the image of god in everyday human beings. MaaDurga, depicted here as the ever-loving mother, signifies the multi-faceted nature of the maha-naari who is always caring & nurturing. Ganesh, the youngest of his siblings, shows the child-like joy a simple Naru can bring us. Kartik, depicted as Apu, shows how we all remain a child to our mothers, even if we are the Senapati. Lakshmi, seen as a girl child, full of love & giving, care for the homeless & the stray, feeding them with love. While Saraswati, shares her knowledge and enriches the eager minds by being the eternal teacher that she is.

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