Director Anjan Kanjilal’s film ‘Sahobashe’ has new insights into live-in relationship

The Lead Cast and Crew of Sahobashe Come Together to Launch the Official Trailer of the Film


 The cast and crew of Sahobashe came together for the first time to launch the official trailer of the film at Tram Deepo, Kolkata The trailer gives us a sneak peek into the lives of a Bengali unmarried couple Neel (played by Anubhav Kanjilal) and Tushi (played by Ishaa Saha) who think of living-in as a couple without revealing much to their friends, families and neighbours. For some they remain friends while for others they pretend as brother and sisters. Hell breaks loose when their friends and families get to know of this secret cohabitation. How would their societies react to this idea of live-in? How would their families react to it? Will the couple find happiness in this journey? All questions will be answered this 12th March 2021!

Sahobashe also becomes the story of that insecure individual we all hide within ourselves thus becoming the story of many such individuals in today’s era. The lead cast comprising of Anubhav Kanjilal, Ishaa Saha, Subhashish Mukherjee, Tullika Basu,Biswajeet Chakraborty were present to launch the trailer along with the director of the film Anjan Kanjilal, Music Director Soumya Rit, cinematographer Modhura Palit , writer & producer Sumana Kanjilal among others. Actors Saayoni Ghosh & Rahul Banerjee who play integral roles in the film sent out their sweet messages to the audience as they were unable to be part of the event due to prior commitments. Singer Rupankar Bagchi wished his best to the team.

Also gracing the event were eminent Tollywood directors Indrashish Acharya, Arjunn Dutta, Shieladitya Moulik, Angshuman Pratyush & Atanu Bose among others. Elated on his debut release director Anjan Kanjilal, who has been a renowned name in the field of theatre for several years but debuts as a feature film director said: “The concept of live-in or cohabitation has been prevalent for years, however, the idea of love and marriage has changed over the years. Through my film ‘Sahobashe’, I’ve tried to capture this change in time. This film is not the story of two people but that of an entire generation. This film is not to preach people the idea of love or marriage, but to narrate a story that will help bring the audience back to the theatres”

Produced by Mojotale Entertainments, directed by Anjan Kanjilal, the film also stars Debleena Dutt Mukherjee in pivotal roles. Music has been rendered by Soumya Rit with voices lent by the eminent singers Rupankar Bagchi, Subhomita Banerjee, Durnibar Saha and Shaoni. Cinematography has been done by the talented Modhura Palit. The film will be released under the banner of SVF Entertainment. ‘Sahobashe’ is scheduled to release in theatres across India on 12th March 2021.

Watch the trailer here: https://bit.ly/2ZlTkRK

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