2020, undoubtedly, has paved the way for a significant growth in the digital industry. From pandemic to work from home, the year has positively driven us into a fresher anda much powerful digital landscape. By the end of 2020, not only had the brands that were already practising digital marketing techniques, but even the local and traditional businesses ventured into exploring the digital world. With this, digital marketing has helped small businesses to compete with the already-established brands in the market.As digital evolution becomes certain in all the sectors of the market, it is advisable that marketers keep up with the new trends, and tweak thecurrent affairs to help the brands reach their target audience.

Here are the trends we have observed in 2020 and will certainly take in 2021:

  • Less is more

Recently, we’ve observed that multiple brands have dropped the idea of using every social media platform to make a strong online presence. Instead, focusing on relevant channels will help the business in quality conversions and better reach.

With an increase in the number of digital platforms,it’s difficult and time consuming to keep up with all at the same time.


  • Content, Context, & Consistency

Nowadays, with consumer and content, context and consistency also play a major part in a sound digital marketing strategy. Good content has been one of the supporting pillars of digital marketing for quite some time. However, nowadays the audience isn’t just looking for content but also contexts that talk about the social causes on a much serious level and captures multiple niches at the same time.


Long gone are the times when brands could make an appearance to tell their audience that they are alive and strong. Currently, the brands need to be way more consistent with their presence; they have to be on top of every fad, every piece of viral content and every ongoing social conversation to not be left behind in the crowd.


  • Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is an effective approach that enables businesses to connect with customers on more digital touch points, effectively offering a better user experience. By delivering a seamless, consistent brand message across all platforms, a brand can successfully generate much better results. The outcome and the engagement level are three times than a single-channel approach as the communication is circulated on email, apps, social media, and the brand’s website or blog.


Tracking consumer behaviour online, and then personalize it at the highest-level is something that can be achieved in the longer term through this technique. Ultimately, a focus on omnichannel marketing is the road to an enhanced customer journey that keeps people coming back for more.


To put it fairly having an online presence has become as important as having a license to run the business. From smaller brands to bigger ones, digital marketing has become the most effective and convenient tool to run the business.

Barin Mukherjee, Co-founder & CEO, Digital Refresh Networks

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