Digit Insurance Launches 3 New Health Plans, to Offer Worldwide Coverage and Unlimited Sum Insured

 Go Digit General Insurance, one of India’s fastest growing insurance company*, launched three new plans under Digit Health Insurance policy to further strengthen its health insurance portfolio. The three plans—Digit Double Wallet plan, Digit Infinity Wallet plan, and Digit Worldwide Treatment plan—are aimed at catering to the newly-evolved health insurance needs of Indians post the pandemic.

What the three plans will offer:

1.            Infinite Sum Insured with Digit Infinity Wallet Plan

The Digit Infinity Wallet plan will help take care of the rising medical costs with an option of unlimited back-up sum insured (SI) being offered to customers. This will allow people to make multiple claims within the same policy year. However, any single claim cannot exceed the SI under the policy and the backup SI will only get triggered after the SI is exhausted.

a.            The back-up sum insured will get triggered from Day 1 and there will be no exhaustion clause.

b.            This will allow people to use their sum insured multiple times in a single year. However, any single claim cannot exceed the SI under the policy and the backup SI will only get triggered after the SI is exhausted.

2.            Double Sum Insured with Digit Double Wallet Plan

The Digit Double Wallet Plan will give the policyholders an option of double back-up sum insured. This will give customers access to double the sum insured (SI) opted by them in the same policy year in the form of backup SI.

a.            Any single claim cannot exceed the SI under the policy and the backup SI will only get triggered after the SI is exhausted.

b.            This plan will be relatively cheaper than Digit Infinity Wallet Plan.

3.            Freedom of Treatment anywhere in the world with Digit Worldwide Treatment

The Digit Worldwide Treatment plan will give people the freedom to get treated anywhere in the world, including India. Customers if diagnosed with an illness in India can plan their treatment abroad.

Commenting on the new plans, Mr. Vivek Chaturvedi, CMO and Head of Direct Sales, Go Digit General Insurance said, “At Digit, we first think what the customers will really benefit from. Our plans and processes succeed by just following their demands. We hope to improve health insurance penetration in India with these plans as people will no longer be restricted by where and how they want to get treated.”

Other key highlights:

1.            Under Infinity Wallet and Worldwide Treatment plan, for every claim-free year, policyholders will be able to earn 50% of the sum insured as cumulative bonus up to a maximum of 100% of the SI.

2.            All three plans will have no cap on room rent or type and ICU.

3.            Customers will be able to avail treatment in thousands of cashless network hospitals under its quick in-house claim settlement process.

Cost: The plans will start from Rs 628/month.

Add-ons: Policyholders will be able to enhance their coverage further at a small added cost by opting for add-ons like PED Waiting Period Modification Cover (people wanting to reduce their waiting period can opt 2 years waiting period as well) and Consumables Cover, which will help take care of nearly the entire hospital bill, including consumable expenses like PPE kits, gloves, masks, etc.

Other common benefits: All the plans will include complimentary health check-ups at renewals, and cover personal accident, organ donor expenses, psychiatric illness, and bariatric surgery.

The company will also offer three other plans along with this.^ Health insurance is one of Digit’s core product offerings and accounted for 12.8% of the company’s GWP in FY21-22. The plans will be available across channels, including Digit’s website, app and through its large partner base of 32,613 strategic partners.


^All the plans are part of an umbrella product named “Digit Health Insurance Policy”. Early Start Plan, Senior Priority Plan and Carry Forward Sum Insured Plan are other plans that are part of the umbrella product.

*Based on FY22 segment-wise GDP report for non-life insurers within India by IRDAI.

$For Digit Double Wallet Plan for 2 Adults (non-smoker) living in Zone B with eldest members’ age at 30 years; sum insured of Rs 5 lakh; exclusive of taxes; per month premium is only indicative and actual premium is charged on per annum basis.

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