Delivery App which aims to connect and help customers

Delivery Pigeon, a Kolkata based startup founded by Hemlata Kushwaha is specializing in same day pick and drop service, covering the entire city. Functioning from March 1 this year, it is an online platform through which consumers can order person to person package delivery service that can be picked up from their preferred location for delivery of essential items/packages to any other part of the desired location within a city or town within the same day (3 hours).

The startup has seen tremendous growth with as many as 200 orders per day which is steadily increasing due to an increase in Covid cases. Currently operating with more than 150 providers all over the city, Delivery Pigeon stands out with its low prices that are 25% cheaper than the rest in the market. They understand their customers’ concerns and ensure parcel safety with a unique feature of a 2 step double verification via OTP and photo done by the providers at both the pickup and drop points. Other key features include easy payment i.e. both online and offline mode is possible and can be done at either point. The app also provides the users with the facility of scheduling their orders up to 24hrs in advance.  The order is regularly monitored and ensured that the package is delivered in perfect condition. Cakes and food items are being delivered the most. Delivery Pigeon believes in “connect the people, help the people”, hence providing a dedicated helpline and in-built support system which is available to help with all the queries and problems.

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