Debojyoti Mishra shares his experience regarding composing the melody in Binisuto

Atanu Ghosh’s film ‘Binisuto’ has been released recently in Nandan Theater in Kolkata. Debojyoti Mishra has composed music in the film. He made audience surprised with the Rabindra Sangeet in the voice of noted actress Jaya Ahsan. Debojyoti said,” She is not an artist of Rabindra Sangeet, still she made me satisfied the way she sang the song being an actress. ”

Talking about the music of this film, Devojyoti said, “The Rabindra Sangeet we used in Binisuto would not fit in any other voice. Jaya gave a lot of time for this song. While watching the film, I was realizing her rendition. It’s beyond any typical mannerisms many use in Tagore songs and reminds me of the artists of the old days.She needs to be more songs in her voice.” Moner Bhitore Mon is by Iman Chakraborty, the other song Ei To Besh Achhi has rendered by Rupankar Bagchi. Iman’s song Ei carries forward the main theme of this film. Rupankar’s song connects the trilogy since Mayurakshi to Binisuto. Then there is a whistle Sonata featuring whistler Debasish Shome followed by a chamber orchestra In the film, it comes in the role of a catalyst.

Speaking about the work of director Atanu Ghosh, Debojyoti said passionately,” After Rituparno, with so much space, who would have thought of Rabindranath’s song as my own. It is a trilogy that started in Mayurakshi. Atanu has always put my thoughts right. A circle has completed from Mayurakshi to Binisuto. This trilogy is a unique attempt in Indian cinema that has painted many lasting pieces in my mind. I want the audience to go to the theater and enjoy the movie. “

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