CSIR-CMERI Durgapur Celebrates 80th CSIR Foundation Day

CSIR-CMERI Durgapur celebrated 80th CSIR Foundation Day today. On the occasion, Prof (Dr) Harish Hirani, the Director of the Institute acknowledged the contributions of Scientists, Technical Personnel and Administrative officials of the Institute & also motivated them to work in a team further for socio economic upliftment of people at grassroots. He also mentioned about the recently developed world class infrastructure, amenities and working ambience provided at Institute as well as in the Colony premises to attract the talent and motivate them to work wholeheartedly.

It is to be mentioned that CSIR-CMERI developed Oxygen Enrichment Unit, the technology of which was transferred to 13 companies across the country is one of the significant technologies recently developed by the Institute to help serve the Oxygen crisis during the recent pandemic period. The Institute is further working on the advanced features and Hybrid system for its varied usages.

Water Purification Technology is another area in which there is a great potential for CSIR-CMERI. The Institute has already transferred 67 technologies to different companies across various regions of the country. The Institute has developed a fully fledged State of the Art Water Testing Laboratory which has been duly approved by the appropriate authority and is working relentlessly to fulfil the vision of the Government of India for Safe Drinking Water and Har Ghar Jal etc.

For minimising our dependence on LPG and fossil fuel, the Institute under the instructions of the PMO has developed Solar Chulha. The same technology has already been transferred to two companies. Mechanized Drain Cleaning system is another recent technology of the Institute from the call of the Prime Minister’s Office to alleviate the lives of the people involved in the manual scavenging in the country. Through development of three modules of Mob Control Vehicle and some other projects of strategic importance, the Institute is contributing immensely through its R&D work to the Para Military and strategic sector of the country.

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