CSIR-CMERI Developed Solar DC Cooking System is going to serve as an Alternative to LPG and Check Indoor Pollution: Prof. (Dr.) Harish Hirani

The Director of CSIR-CMERI Durgapur, Prof (Dr.) Harish Hirani today was pragmatic enough to state that the Solar DC Cooking System developed by his institute is a novel and path-breaking alternative to LPG and is instrumental in minimising indoor pollution. He was speaking in an Industry-Press Interactive Meet in the distinguished presence of Prof. M.S. Unnikrishnan, Chief Executive Officer, IIT-Bombay Monash Research Academy, Mumbai & Former MD & CEO, Thermax Ltd; Dr. Srinivasan Duraiswamy, Vice-President, New Technology Business Development, Reliance Corporate, Mumbai and Dr. Lipika Dey, Tata Consultancy Services, Research and Innovation today. A Memorandum of Understanding was also signed today, between CSIR-CMERI, and Michael Madhusudan Memorial College, Durgapur for Hands on skill promotion to students on Water Quality Assessment, to organize joint skill development programmes, and events such as seminars, workshops, conferences and exchange of information for the youths.

The CSIR-CMERI indigenously developed Solar DC Cooking System was demonstrated to the distinguished Guests in the presence of the Media representatives in the CSIR-CMERI Sustainable Kitchen. Delineating on the efficacy of this Solar DC Cooking System, Prof (Dr.) Hirani stated that the performance of the system is better compared to LPG based Conventional Cooking Systems. CSIR-CMERI is working towards upgrading the aesthetics and ergonomics of the technology, he added. The technology is available in both domestic as well as community scale. He described the entire system to the dignitaries as well as to the media. The coil design for the system has been developed to effectively tackle voltage fluctuations, he said.

The cooking system is a solar energy based cooking system comprising solar PV panel, charge controller, battery bank and cooking oven. The technology provides a clean cooking environment, Inverter-less direct Operation, fast and uniform heating and effective handling of voltage fluctuations.

The design of the technology is also simple to facilitate ease-of-manufacturing, however CSIR-CMERI has worked upon innovative integration of these sub-systems. The technology has already been transferred to two enterprises and further dissemination of the technology to the market will help improve the general acceptance of the same in the society. The popularising of the technology may also help India achieve its ambitious solar energy target of 150 Giga Watt. It may also give a boost to the job scenario by improving the prospects of the micro-scale manufacturing enterprises stated the Director.

The CSIR-CMERI developed Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management Technologies, Waste Water Filtration Plant for Agriculture/Pisciculture, World’s Largest Solar Tree, Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Metrology Group, Aero-Systems Laboratory, Water Testing Laboratory, Mechanised Scavenging System, Farm Machinery Training and Testing Centre and Sustainable Kitchen were also demonstrated to the distinguished guests.

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