Crown Wood’s first annual award ceremony was a treat for cinema lovers

City of Joy , Kolkata has always been known for its entertainment and art value. As the home of Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak and Mrinal Sen , Kolkata breathes cinema.This is also why it has attracted Crown Wood International Film Festival organise its First Annual Award Event , which seeks to discover films and filmmakers who prove story is independent of budget.

Acclaimed films from across the globe have been screened in the festival. As per the organisers, the focus is to showcase unseen stories from across the regions to the viewers, bring important topics to the table in a captivating way that also sparks conversation and discussion, and to put human faces on global issues that might otherwise seem unrelatable for the sake of building bridges of empathy and compassion.

“We try to take the vibe that’s already here and bring it to the forefront of the community to allow people to discuss films and the arts.” said one of the organisers of this event, Arindam Bhunia.

 Inaugurating the event, MLA & Eminent actor Chiranjeet Chakraborty said “We need to new ways in the filmmaking process like Hollywood. We need to find a new way of storytelling.We need to find something innovative, like the way audience gaze is evolving and is changing.We also need to develop a global market for Indian movies.”

Popular Bengali model and actress Sayantani Guhathakurta who was one of the chief guest said” It is a celebration of the creative spirits and a way for filmmakers and film lovers to interact in an intimate and creative way, through the means of films.”

The festival, featured several independently produced narrative, documentary and animated films and also hosted panel discussions, Q&A’s with filmmakers.

“As independent filmmakers ourselves, we appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes in organising this festival. ” said one of the indie filmmaker present there.

Crown Wood believes in giving back to the society and donated a sum of money to Mahishadal Vidyasagar Social Welfare Society, which works with meritorious students from economically disadvantaged families and also in the field of environment.

“We want to congratulate the winners.  We can’t wait to see the new submissions in our upcoming festivals.” said Bhunia.

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