COVID-19: Third Wave, the beginning of the end?

o   Covid-19 cases in US are currently at an all-time high. In the current spike, new Covid cases in USA have jumped 6.9 times

o   Countries like UAE, Chile, Singapore and China have more than 80% of their population fully vaccinated. With rising vaccination doses, countries are experiencing lower deaths even while fresh infections surge

o   In India, cases started rising from 29th December 2021. Daily new cases is 2,38,938 (7Days MA) as on 17.01.2022 and active cases have reached 16,56,341

o   Remarkably, India has fully vaccinated 64% of its eligible population and 89% of its eligible population stands vaccinated with at least single dose

o   Currently India’s vaccination 7-day MA is ~70 Lakhs

o   44 Lakhs Precaution Doses and 3.45 Cr Doses to 15-18 age group has been administered

o   Rural Vaccination share in total vaccination is now at 83% in January’22 indicating the rural populace may be largely protected in the current wave

o   New cases in Mumbai seem to have achieved its peak (20971 cases on 7Jan ’22) but cases in other districts (Bengaluru, Pune etc.) are showing increase in daily new numbers. So, if other districts also implement strict measures and control the spread, then national peak may come within 2-3 weeks after Mumbai peak

Research Report from the State Bank of India’s Economic Research Department – COVID-19: Third Wave, the beginning of the end?The report has been authored by Dr. Soumya Kanti Ghosh, Group Chief Economic Adviser, State Bank of India.

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