COVID- 19, Astrological and Vaastu analysis

WHO has declared the outbreak of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. Let us analyse the Vastu and astrological reasons related to it-

On 26.12.2019, a solar eclipse occurred with Shadastak Yog (combination of 6 planets). As per Maharishi Parasar, the effect of this particular yoga can prove to be highly hazardous within a span of 3 to 6 months. In the two most ancient scriptures, Naarad Purana and Vashishtha Sanhita, there is a clear indication that the solar eclipse which will take place at the end of 2019 English calendar and Samvat 2076, in Moola Nakshatra, a dangerous epidemic will occur. As per Vishwakoorma chakra, Varahamihir stated that the countries such as China, Iran, Italy, Spain, Germany etc. which came under the impact of Moola Nakshatra and the other two Nakshatras of Dhanu are considered to have experienced the extreme effect of this Pandemic. According to Varahamihir ‘Utpaat Prakaran’, the Shadastak Yoga and certain planetary combination causes Vayu related and throat related severe ailments gradually resulting into an epidemic.

It must be noted that the first person to be declared as infected with Covid- 19 happened in the last week of December. This is the reason why the virus was named as Covid-19. Since December, this disease has spread like wild fire and on 24. 01. 2020, when Saturn entered into Makar Rashi, this disease affected other countries and posed as a global threat.

Let us now consider the horoscope of China: 1st October 1949.

Right now, Sadhesaati Saturn is positioned in a highly negative way. From the beginning of the solar eclipse till 24.01.2020 (when Saturn made its sojourn in Makar (Capricorn) Rashi) up to 100 days (till 3. 05. 2020), Saturn is seated in the 8th house which is extremely detrimental. Sadly, till this period, there is no possibility of any relief from this epidemic situation. The effect of conjunction of Jupiter and Dragon’s head/Dragon’s tail (Rahu/Ketu) has transformed the situation of China into a global health crisis.

On 25.03.2020, the auspicious Nava Samvatsar 2077 begins which marks a new beginning.  On 14th April 1427 (Bengali Samvat), Jupiter will make a sojourn from Dhanu to Makar and Sun will be positioned in its exalted Mesha (Aries) sign. Sun is the primary source of life energy and the destroyer of all negative agents. Therefore, it is expected that we will definitely be able to put an end to this pandemic situation.

India is a land of 6 seasons. With the onset of Summer season that is, 30th June, 2020, condition in regard to this pandemic will improve drastically. However, it should be noted that we are in the second stage of Pandemic and so all efforts must be taken to put an end to this menacing action of Corona Virus. The states in India where Solar eclipse was visible have been affected from this virus. As per ‘Bharatiya kurma chakra’, mundane astrology, the effect of this virus began from the Western direction covering Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and then it covered North western states Delhi, Punjab and Haryana and then the eastern regions Odisha and Bihar and finally heading towards the Southern region Kerala. On the economic level, Kartikadi samvatsar will come to an end on 14th November. By then, economic recession is most likely to end.

As per Vaastu, there are three types of Vayu (Air). The first Vayu is the pure Vayu or air which is considered a divine blessing (Swargiya Vayu). The second vayu is the contaminated or impure vayu or air. The third vayu or air is toxic air which is hellish in nature. In Charak samhita, tritiya adhyaya, apurva bhaga, we find a conversation between Rishi Atreyo and Agnivesh in which Rishi Atreyo states the reasons for the destruction of a state or janapada. He states that when the air gets contaminated with impurities or germs, the infectious agents transmit from one body to the other through touch or close contact. As the entire population gets sick, the whole janapada gradually loses its power and is destroyed. Besides the ancient scriptures, historical evidences too describe the phenomenal destruction caused by a ‘fever epidemic’ (Spanish Flu) in June, 1918. It is estimated that within a few months, approximately, 10-20 million Indians died.  Prominent citizens of the country from writer Munshi Premchand to Mahatma Gandhi were suspected to have been suffered from this disease for a while before being recovered. According to a letter written by the acclaimed Hindi poet, Nirala, the Ghats along the holy Ganga were piled up with dead bodies with no availability of woods which shows the grim condition of the particular period. From the past epidemic situations, we need to learn how to protect ourselves, our families and the whole nation from being ruined.

In Jyotish Shashtra, where there is an indication of danger, there is also suggestion of remedial measures. Varahamihir in shanti prakaran has recommended chanting vedic hymns while making oblations in yajna fire. People of different sects, religious practices and beliefs need to follow the guidelines given below:

  • Shaiva- recitation of Shiva Mantra- Mahanrityunjay japa anusthan
  • Shauryi- recitation of Surya mantra- Surya Arghya (offerings to Sun) and Surya Sahastranaam
  • Vaishnav- recitation of Vishnu Mantra- Regular chanting of Vishnusahastranaam
  • Sakta- recitation of Devi mantra- recitation of Durga Saptashati, chanting 108 names of Durga and chanting with 32 prayer beads.
  • Gaanapatya- recitation of Shree Ganesh Mantra- Chanting Shree Ganesh Sanksarnaashanstotram.
  • Jainas- daily recitation of Namokar and Bhaktamara Stotra

People of all communities should participate in chanting vedic mantras to create a powerful and positive vibratory shield for protection from this disease. Besides, 1 crore offerings on a mass scale should be made to eradicate this demonic virus from the planet.

There is a wonderful Sanskrit word, ‘Ekmevadwtiya’ which defines the attribute of God. It means ‘One and only One with no second’. Just as the Almighty, each individual too is unique and is one of a kind. However, it is also true at the same time that while the Divine power depends on none, human beings are dependent on others for their sustenance. There is an unbreakable bond between an individual and the human society. When there is any type of natural calamity protection is assured only with mutual help and cooperation-‘each for all, all for each’. The need to follow these golden words is now with the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. The well being of all is depended on how each individual behaves, just as the safety of every human being is based on how the society at large functions. The corona calamity has become one of the best lessons in solidarity, unity and fundamental equality of human beings. It has also reflected another trait- the Power of One. The fact that each one of us can make a big difference, not only for the benefit of oneself but also for the benefit of the whole planetary population is evident now. In this entire abnormal situation created by the disease, human beings have suddenly realised their latent power and also the responsibility which comes along with it. And thus, each individual believes that I am ‘ekamevadwitiya’ or I am second to none. Irrespective of my social status or economic background, I know that am equally capable of harming or helping myself and others.

Therefore, let us maintain self hygiene, protect others and follow the government directives. It is not ‘I’ but ‘We’ who can eradicate this disease completely.


DR. SURENDRA KAPOOR,Astrology and Vaastu Shastra Expert

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