Counterfeit Tata Pigments products seized in Korabeg, West Bengal

Tata Steel Brand Protection team, with the help of the West Bengal Police, conducted a raid in multiple locations in Korabeg, West Bengal on January 24, wherein counterfeit Tata Pigments products namely, Tata Red and Tata Black were seized. Counterfeit products were being sold in non-standard packaging. Tata Pigments products are packaged in a unique manner and all original products are sold with the same packaging by authorized dealers and distributors.

Upon receiving information about the unscrupulous activity, Tata Steel Brand Protection team along with West Bengal Police conducted a joint raid and seized counterfeit products valued around 6 lakhs on January 24, 2022. FIR has been registered against the said entities under 420, 468, 120 B sections of IPC, 103 & 104 sections of Trademarks Act and 63 & 65 sections of the Copyright Act.

This unauthorised use of the Tata Red and Tata Black name is infringing on the Intellectual Property Rights of Tata Group. The owners were selling counterfeit products of substandard quality to consumers disguised as original Tata Pigments products.

Tata Pigments products possess tremendous goodwill in the minds of the consumers by virtue of the quality of the products. Such unauthorised use of the Tata name on paint products, which do not meet the quality standards of Tata Pigments products, hampers the reputation of Tata Pigments. Tata Pigments strongly condemns the misuse of trademarks and logos of Tata Sons without our prior permission. In furtherance to protecting our brand reputation and goodwill, Tata Pigments continuously monitors and acts against entities which are infringing on the brand’s Intellectual property rights including counterfeiters.

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