Completing a Century (100) Robotic Surgeries Successfully with the assistance of 4th Gen Da Vinci

 It is truly amusing how technology has taken advent of our lives and the social construct we share today with enhancement in medical development talks of cordial relationship where we thrive as much as we can to relieve souls of their medical issues.

As of today we take immense pride in sharing that NH Narayana superspeciality Hospital, Howrah has achieved an enormous landmark in the forte of advanced medical treatment by completing a century ( 100 ) robotic surgeries successfully with the assistance of 4th Gen Da Vinci within just a year of its inception. Dr. Suman Mallick says,” this is just a stepping stone for us as we will dedicate ourselves for bringing better and more beneficial health technologies”.

Going by the conventional set of treatments available for cancer, many cases require surgical invasion to remove their tumor. Although surgery is considered to be one of the painful procedures but in recent decade with 3D visualization, minimally invasive technique and faster recovery robotic surgeries have transformed this idea. In an endeavor to take this vision forward recently Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Howrah introduced 4th Gen Da Vinci Robotic Surgery for advanced treatment in Cancer Care. The conference was organized at The Press Club, Kolkata on 14th July, 2022.

The team includes  Dr. Kaustav Basu, Dr. Tarun Jindal, Dr. Sumit Sanyal, Dr. Suman Mallik

On this auspicious occasion of such an achievement , we are asking for your gracious presence for a special press conference at the press club. We cordially invite you all to the Press Club on 14th of July at midday. In the words of R. Venkatesh, COO of East and South regions, Narayana Health,”we want to propagate our word to everyone that we are going to move beyond norms and bring best possible innovations for the mass”

All experienced and skilled surgeons from the Robotic Surgery team in Cancer Care discussed about the advanced and focused treatment of cancer with robotic surgery (4th generation Da Vinci technology) in the conference. Another Discussion on Targeted organ specific treatment of Gynae Cancer, Uro Cancer, GI Cancer etc. with advanced robotic surgery was also held in order to spread more awareness.

Talking about Gynae Cancer, Uro Cancer, GI Cancer, Head & Neck Cancer, Thoracic Cancer or any other organ specific cancer, the biggest fear of losing organ prevails. Robotic Surgeries minutely aim at the tumour and tissues can be saved. It also helps to shorter stay in hospital.

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