Clubhouse Android Beta App to be available in India from 21st May

Clubhouse – the Casual, Drop-In audio chat app will be available for all Android users across India starting this Friday, May 21. The beta version of the app has already rolled out in a few countries.


Clubhouse is a new type of network—a more human place on the Internet based on voice, where people from all corners of the world could come together to talk, listen, hang out, share, debate, learn from each other, deepen friendships, meet new people, and experience unforgettable moments together. It follows a waitlist and invite system, ensuring that each new community member can bring along a few close friends.


Their recent blogpost reads, “Clubhouse for Android will start rolling out in beta immediately. We will begin gradually, with the U.S. today, followed by other English-speaking countries and then the rest of the world.”


They plan to open up even further, welcoming millions more people in from the iOS waitlist, expanding language support, and adding more accessibility features, so that people worldwide can experience Clubhouse in a way that feels native to them.


If you are an Android user, you can pre-register for the app on play store and will be alerted once the app is available in your area.

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