City’s tryst with legendary guitarist Lee Ranaldo

The contemporary performance art lovers of Kolkata were treated to an extraordinary evening of multidisciplinary performances on Sep 28th, 2023 at TRI art gallery. The evening featured an audio-visual performance called Contre Jour by the legendary guitarist Lee Ranaldo & his partner Lea Singer. Contre Jour is project developed over 30 years and is a noise act by Lee Ranaldo accompanied by a video installation shot on analogue and digital camera by Lea Singer.

There was also a theatrical performance called #5 by Littlei & Culture Monks. #5 is a performance based on the Indian philosophical concept of Pancha Kosha. This evening was part of the Ziro festival on tour performances and hosted in Kolkata by Littlei, Masterpeace COOLeaders, US Consulate in Kolkata and TRI art.

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